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Searching out the Best Indie Games Available on PC can be a daunting task, with multiple difficult situations & decisions.

Since digital distribution exploded upon us over a decade ago, small teams have become even more prolific, rendering it virtually impossible to categorize all their efforts in an easily navigable format. With thousands of titles available and no easy best indie games list-making solution available – making a choice can be an exhausting and tiresome endeavor!

But let’s pause to appreciate the vast, varied world of indie development.

Games on this list were developed quickly by first-time coders or meticulously by ex-triple-A gurus with high standards, making each unique in terms of personality and concept.

What unites these games is their quirky charm and exciting ideas which makes Steam an endless source of hidden gems and our list of PC game recommendations an exciting journey.

10. Norco

Welcome to Norco, Louisiana: an adventure game set in real-life Norco. When we talk about the best Indie Games, Norco is the newbie.

Here your search for your missing brother leads to a multi-generational mystery. Bringing inspiration from games such as Kentucky Route Zero and Beneath a Steel Sky, Norco boasts stunning pixel art. As well as engaging themes of capitalism, climate change, and our actions; making for an exceptional storytelling experience on PC.

Norco isn’t too challenging from a gameplay perspective; rather, its appeal lies in unfurling its narrative.

Utilizing a handy sidebar for selecting your next move and exploring your surroundings, Norco immerses players deep in its story as they interact with objects and engage with colorful characters they meet during their adventure.

9. Terraria

This captivating sandbox game has been stealing hearts since its debut as the ‘2D Minecraft’ in 2011. It earned a good 8th spot in best indie games list.

It’s no surprise, given that there’s always something to do in this enchanting indie game where you set your own goals—be it building unique Terraria houses, battling one of the many Terraria bosses, or daring to explore the depths of treacherous dungeons.

As you complete objectives, you unlock NPCs and create your very own village to house them. Each NPC offers distinct perks, like a Wizard for potions or a Nurse for healing. And if you reach the end?

No worries! An expert level awaits, with even more bosses, enemies, biomes, and items to discover. While Terraria might not be as chill as its blocky counterpart, you can always unwind with some Terraria fishing to ease into the adventure.

8. The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Enter the world of a randomly generated action RPG with roguelike twists—The Binding of Isaac Rebirth.

As the sequel to the original game, it shares the same thrilling premise.

Follow Isaac’s journey through a mysterious realm as he dives into a hidden trapdoor in his bedroom, fleeing from his zealous Christian mother who’s determined to sacrifice him.

Playing as Isaac, you’ll gain superpowers and unearth treasures while battling hordes of foes, uncovering secrets, and aiming for a safe escape. The ever-changing maze of rooms and diverse creatures make this game a true challenge, but it’s totally worth persevering to experience the multiple endings it has in store.

7. Inscryption

Inscryption may appear as a simple card game, but there’s a whole lot more lurking beneath its surface. Initially, the gameplay blends elements of Slay The Spire and lane-based card games with a twist of the macabre, as you must sacrifice smaller creatures to summon stronger beasts to defeat your opponent.

The eerie atmosphere intensifies as you explore the mysterious log cabin where you’re playing. Inscryption cleverly morphs into part escape room game, challenging you to solve cryptic puzzles and find your way out.

Soon, you’ll realize that nothing is what it seems, and uncovering the truth takes you on a wild ride.

The best part? After completing Inscryption’s campaign, you can keep playing! With the beta for the free DLC, Kaycee’s Mod, the card game transforms into a roguelike, introducing new cards, events, and handicaps to keep things fresh and challenging.

If you’re drawn to tales of conspiracies and hidden darkness, Inscryption is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

6. Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium was arguably 2019’s best indie game sensation. It thrusts you into the worn-out shoes of a detective recovering from a memory-wiping night of heavy drinking, tasking you with solving a grisly murder. With no traditional combat in sight, Disco Elysium revolves around grappling with your own psyche to shape the detective you aspire to be and using this fragmented persona to extract information from suspects.

The game’s success hinges on its extraordinary writing, making Disco Elysium an unrivaled RPG in that regard.

With a myriad of conversational threads to unravel in every encounter, the sheer charisma imbued in each exchange is what sets this detective game apart from the rest.

5. Valheim

Valheim stands out from the crowd of co-op survival games with its captivating visuals and mesmerizing Norse setting.

Its survival mechanics are notably more lenient, allowing you to peacefully build mead halls and roundhouses while enjoying sunsets and misty landscapes.

For Vikings seeking a challenge, embark on a journey across the procedurally generated wilderness. Traverse swamps and scale frosty mountains to vanquish a series of Valheim bosses, returning home with heaps of trophies and gold. And always remember, that boar has a special place in its heart for you.

4. Death’s Door

Welcome to Death’s Door, an immersive action-adventure game reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls classics. Take up the crow feathers as part of the super-secret Reaping Commission Headquarters that deals with monster souls.

Oh no! These monsters won’t give up without a fight! They’re holding onto life and ready to unleash destruction upon humanity. Set out on an extraordinary adventure through haunted dungeons, graveyards and crumbling ruins while solving brain-teasing puzzles and taking out enemies along the way!

What sets Death’s Door apart is its stunning visuals and epic combat! While its foes may prove formidable, each sword swing feels powerful as you slash your way through this incredible adventure!

3. Hades

Supergiant’s latest game is a crazy addictive roguelike and one of 2020’s best story games ever! You’ll play as Zagreus, the prince of the underworld, trying to break free from your dad’s place.

With every failed escape, you’ll get stronger and better at using your growing weapon collection.

The super tough combat is a blast to play around with, but it’s Hades’ crew of chatty gods that makes the game’s cycle truly rock. You’ll love any chance to gossip with your heavenly fam, especially since it helps your gameplay and teaches you more about Supergiant’s cool spin on Greek mythology.

2. Stardew Valley

There’s a ton of love for Harvest Moon among PC gamers, even though the series is only on Nintendo consoles. That’s why Stardew Valley won so many hearts. This adorable RPG management game takes the best of Harvest Moon’s farming fun and adds its own unique charm.

You’ll start your Stardew Valley adventure with a run-down farm you’ve inherited. As you bring your land back to life with new crops, you’ll start exploring the world around you. The valley needs some TLC too, making it the perfect chill project to enjoy night after night. And if you’re looking for more than a single-player experience, Stardew Valley has an awesome co-op mode and loads of cool mods to try out.

With its lively personality, Stardew Valley is a must-play for anyone dreaming of simple village life.

1. Undertale

In your typical RPG, you’d start by wandering around a troubled town’s edges, slowly powering up your chosen hero. Usually, you’d deal with problems using your fists, swords, or magical powers. But in Undertale, you don’t have to go for the kill – just like in real life (we hope!).

This charming 16-bit indie game is one of the top RPGs out there. You can calm down, charm, or even flirt with the baddies blocking your path. The way you handle these encounters actually shapes the story and how other characters treat you later. Spare their lives, and they might just become your buddies. But hey, if you’re into the classic hack-and-slash, that’s cool too.

As for the plot, you play as a kid who stumbles into a monster-filled world and needs to find a way out. What follows is a heartwarming adventure, packed with unforgettable characters, hilarious one-liners to share with your pals, and a super-catchy soundtrack.

This is it for the best indie games for now.

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