10 Hardest Hollow Knight Bosses

Before we tackle Hollow Knight Bosses, remember to remain patient and experiment with various charms to find what works for you.

While Hollow Knight Bosses may seem insurmountable at times, finding charms that suit your playstyle will often make your experience much more pleasurable. And it will surely enhance its enjoyment – after all, it should all be about having fun!

Now, let’s delve into our guide to the Top 10 Hollow Knight bosses:

Hardest Hollow Knight Bosses:

hollow knight bosses

10. False Knight (Forgotten Crossroads)

Meet the maggot that swiped some armor and went mad from infection. Say hello to False Knight, probably your first hollow knight bosses fight, giving you a taste of the game’s toughness. This guy loves jumping around, but you can dodge it by stepping back or running under him quickly. Keep an eye out when he lifts his mace, as the following attack triggers a shockwave you’ll have to jump over.

hollow knight bosses

Lastly, False Knight has a crazy attack where he smashes his mace on both sides, dropping obstacles as he does. When you’ve hit him enough, his head pops out of the armor, all vulnerable-like. Unleash a flurry of attacks, and you’ll bag this fight in no time.

9. Gruz Mother (Forgotten Crossroads)

Gruz’s Mother is one of the easier hollow knight bosses, and winning this fight is all about patience. Dash into the room and land a few hits before she even starts flying. Keep an eye on her flight pattern and dodge her slamming attack. When she’s floating, sneak in a couple of upswing attacks, but don’t bump into her.

hollow knight bosses

Healing in this battle isn’t really worth it, as she’ll target you instantly. Once you’ve defeated Gruz Mother, grab a quick heal, so you don’t get wiped out by her tiny offspring as they burst out. These little critters are easy to finish off, just swing upward wildly while walking around on the floor.

8. Traitor Lord (Queen’s Gardens)

Oh boy, brace yourself for a tough battle. The journey from the bench to the boss is exhausting, and you need the Shadow Dash just to reach Traitor Lord. Plus, you have to defeat a few enemies before the big guy shows up. The game creators knew what they were doing. Thankfully, if you’ve completed Cloth’s sidequest and saved her, she’ll come to your aid in this fight.

Traitor Lord has two main attacks: a jumping diagonal slash and twin blades. When the twin blades come out, position yourself between them and move alongside as they sweep across. The downward slash can be dodged if you’re fast, but equipping Dashmaster and Sprintmaster is highly recommended for the extra speed of this one of the hardest hollow knight bosses.

A great strategy is to equip Grubsong for bonus Soul, stick to the right side, and launch occasional projectile attacks. Also, equip Grimmchild, if you have it, to deal some extra damage. Defender’s Crest is another option, but it’s unlikely you’ll get close enough to Traitor Lord to use it.

The most crucial abilities for this fight are Shadow Dash and Sharp Shadow. Traitor Lord occupies most of the arena, so dashing through him is your best bet to avoid getting hit. When he’s taken enough damage, he’ll unleash a ground-pound attack that sends a wave of white energy across the room. Your only hope is to dash through it. The key to this fight is constantly dashing, dodging, and chipping away with dash attacks.

7. Oblobbles (Kingdom’s Edge)

Don’t underestimate these bouncy hollow knight bosses! They may be small, but they pack a punch. The trickiest part of this boss battle is avoiding both Oblobbles simultaneously, so don’t get stuck between them. Hitting them with the nail may cause them to move toward you, so using spells is your best strategy.

Dodging projectiles is crucial in this fight. Keep your distance and use Shade Soul to deal damage, potentially hitting both Oblobbles. You can also slip beneath them and unleash an Abyss Shriek. Equipping Grubsong and Shaman Stone is a smart move, allowing you to spam spells while dodging their fire attacks.

After defeating one Oblobble, the other becomes enraged, moving and firing faster. Stay grounded while they shoot and walk for maximum control. Get as far away as possible when they start firing to better judge their attacks. Ranged spell attacks are your best bet for landing hits. If you’re really struggling, try switching to another charm that rewards Soul.

The Collector (Tower of Love)

Not as scary as some other foes, this battle is more about hitting the little baddies The Collector sends down rather than stressing over The Collector himself. If your nail is fully upgraded, most of the enemies he drops should only need a single hit to beat. So take them out as soon as they show up to avoid getting swamped. Not the easiest of hollow knight bosses at all.

Hitting The Collector shouldn’t be too hard either. When he drops down, he does a quick sideways hop, then jumps back up to the ceiling. Get as close as you can when he lands, and dash in the same direction he jumps, ready to strike fast as soon as he lands. As long as you deal with the other enemies quickly, this fight should be a breeze.

Brooding Mawlek (Forgotten Crossroads)

One of the game’s many optional bosses, Brooding Mawlek looks scarier than he really is. Most of the time, Mawlek doesn’t move from his raised platform, just sliding side to side while spitting fire attacks. When he shoots single-fire attacks, dodge as best you can and sneak in a hit or two. When he pulls back to let lose a massive fire attack, double jump over him and try to land a downward strike, ending up on the other side of the room.

Besides that, he has a jumping attack, but he’s so fast it’s best to just dash as soon as he’s airborne. You can try to sneak in a hit here, but it’s safer to aim for him when he’s launching smaller fire attacks. Realistically, the only time to squeeze in some healing is after Mawlek double jumps, so try to recover there.

God Tamer (Kingdom’s Edge)

This boss can feel super overwhelming. You’ve got to keep an eye on both the beast and the God Tamer, dodging attacks from both. Try to take care of the God Tamer first, as they have a brief moment where they’re just standing still. Their main attack involves leaping in the air and then diving down toward The Knight. As long as you sidestep, you’ll know where they’ll land and can sneak in a few slashes.

When they land, they stay still for a bit, but slashing them sends them flying back. Use this to your advantage by knocking them into a corner, giving you time for some rapid attacks. Equip Thorns of Agony for extra strikes and Grubsong for extra Soul, as you’ll probably get hit by the beast’s fire attacks.

Once the God Tamer is done, it’s time for the beast. If you defeat the beast first, the God Tamer gives up, but I prefer taking them both out. The beast rolls and bounces, lunging where The Knight was. Stay to the side of both enemies and angle yourself between the wall and the beast. Since you know where it’ll land, sidestep and attack.

The beast’s sludge attack is annoying, and dashing toward the wall is your best bet. But with Grubsong equipped, you can gain extra soul and fire off a ranged Soul attack while the beast is shooting. Equip Sharp Shadow, so if the God Tamer lands in front of you while dashing away, you can sneak in another hit. Learn the patterns and you’ll have this under control.

The Hollow Knight (Forgotten Crossroads – Temple of the Black Egg)

The game’s final boss – kind of. The Hollow Knight is a tough opponent that can quickly defeat you, so it takes time to master the fight. You have a few attacks to worry about. Hollow Knight jumps and strikes the ground, sending black tendrils through the floor. To dodge, stand between two tendrils and fire a ranged Soul attack.

Hollow Knight also has a dash attack, which covers a lot of space. Equip Dashmaster, as jumping isn’t a great option. Dashing backward and trying to land a hit after the swing works, but dashing into a corner and waiting for a better chance is safer.

When Hollow Knight fires goo, dash to the furthest wall for some distance and dodges the projectiles. Occasionally, Hollow Knight hops around, giving you a chance to attack when they land. When they start stabbing themselves, use this time to heal.

Hollow Knight’s huge projectile attack fills the screen with obstacles. You can try to dash to one side or stick underneath him. He also has a slam attack, with the fifth slam giving you a chance to attack.

Using Thorns of Agony or Defender’s Crest isn’t super helpful, as you won’t be close to Hollow Knight often. If you’re struggling, focus on movement and spells with Grubsong and the Shaman Stone. Using a spell build, you could try an Abyss Shriek when Hollow Knight is above you, but it’s risky. Once you’ve beaten this, congrats, you’ve beaten Hollow Knight! Or have you…?

Paintmaster Sheo (God Eater)

Sheo, a bulky creature armed with paint, occupies a lot of space due to its size and paint projectile attacks. Watch out for four main attacks. The first is a standard blue slash, a forward strike that sends three blue paint blobs into the air. Dash back and try to weave between the paint. Next, the enormous orange slash is telegraphed by Sheo jumping back into a corner. It’s massive, so dash to a corner and wall jump to dodge it.

Sheo also has a powerful, charged purple attack. They hold their brush up before slamming it down, causing purple paint to rain from above. Stay close after the initial ground flash, then quickly move in for some easy hits. When they jump, expect a quick spin followed by a downward slam, releasing red paint into the room’s corners. Avoid the ground slam, stay close to Sheo, and then move in for quick attacks.

Sheo is mostly on the ground, except for the occasional jump. If you’re having a tough time, try a spell build and sneak into corners to launch a Shade Soul. Grubsong and Shaman Stone can be helpful here, so you should overcome this boss soon enough.

The Radiance (Forgotten Crossroads – Temple of the Black Egg)

If you’ve unlocked the Void Heart and used the Dream Nail when Hornet pins down the Hollow Knight, get ready for a fight with The Radiance. This one is the toughest of all the hollow knight bosses. If you thought Hollow Knight was tough, brace yourself for worse news. If you lose to The Radiance, you have to beat Hollow Knight again for another shot. Your health recovers after the Hollow Knight fights, but your Soul doesn’t, so save some before that fight ends.

A spell build is your best bet here. Grubsong, Shaman Stone, and Abyss Shriek are essential, as you’ll often be below The Radiance with few chances to hit them with your Nail. You could equip Longnail for better chances, but it’s unlikely you’ll be at the right height for a nail attack.

This fight is mainly about dodging attacks, with projectiles and obstacles everywhere. For the white light wall, use Shade Cloak to dash through it. For yellow projectiles, dash toward and under them, so they hit the floor behind you.

The Radiance’s light beams involve three rotating attacks. Stay calm, walk quickly, and follow the pace. Use the same tactic for radial spike attacks – observe the angle and position yourself under The Radiance to dodge. Try an Abyss Shriek if you get the chance.

Horizontal spikes are trickier. Look for a gap and dash through, focusing on survival. For vertical spikes, sidestep and use Abyss Shriek. When spikes come up through the level’s base, concentrate on dashing to avoid everything.

When The Radiance is caught by vines, heal before the attacks resume. The next phase has the same attacks but on floating platforms above a deadly black floor. Stay low, leaving space between you and projectiles to plan. Use wall grabs to hold onto platforms, but remember, patience is key.

Soon, platforms form an upward path. Climb carefully to avoid light beams and not fall into the deadly floor. Reaching The Radiance at the top requires just one more hit, and you’ve won! Congrats! You’re officially done with Hollow Knight Bosses.

And there you have it – our comprehensive guide to all the major Hollow Knight Bosses. We hope this helps you fight your way to the game’s end and uncover the numerous hidden secrets of Hallownest. Enjoy your adventure!

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