10 Video Games Facts You Didn’t Expect

Here are 10 surprising facts about video games.

  • Super Mario Bros. originally featured a shooting mechanism. It was eventually removed by the game’s designers in order to make it more family-friendly.
  • The famous Konami Code grants players extra lives. In many Konami games, it was actually a cheat code from the developer. But accidentally found its way into the final versions of the games.
  • Originally, the main character in the popular video game series Sonic the Hedgehog would have been a normal hedgehog called Mr. Needlemouse.
  • The original name of the classic Pac-Man game was “Puck-Man.” However, it was changed in order to avoid vandalism or profanity.
  • The sequel to Pac-Man, “Ms. Pac-Man,” was the first videogame to feature a woman protagonist.
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board was able to rate video games based on their content. The controversial game “Mortal Kombat”, which was released in 1997, led to its creation.
  • Since its release, the popular game “World of Warcraft”, has more than 100 million accounts registered and grossed over 10 billion dollars in revenue.
  • The legendary theme music of the video game series, “The Legend of Zelda”, was composed by Koji Kondo.
  • Originally, the character of Lara Croft from the “Tomb Raider” series was designed as a man. However, the developers decided to change it to make the character stand out.
  • Markus Persson is the sole developer of “Minecraft”, a popular video game that has become one of the most successful games ever.

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