3 Shocking Facts About Arthur Morgan From RDR2 That Only 1% of Gamers Know


In the gaming universe of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) produced by Rockstar Games, Arthur Morgan stands as an iconic character, weaving his way into the hearts of millions. However, beneath the surface of this beloved character lies a trove of secrets that only a mere 1% of gamers have unearthed. Let’s delve into the enigmatic world of Arthur Morgan and unravel three shocking facts that have eluded the majority.

Fact 1: The Hidden Backstory

Unraveling Arthur Morgan’s Origins

While RDR2 enthusiasts are well-acquainted with Arthur’s life as a gunslinger in the Van der Linde gang, only a select few are privy to his obscured backstory. Digging deep into the narrative reveals a compelling tale of his early years, providing insights into the events that molded him into the complex character we know.

Fact 2: Arthur’s Unseen Adventures

Beyond the Main Quest: Arthur’s Side Stories

For the vigilant gamers who venture beyond the main storyline, a wealth of untold adventures featuring Arthur awaits. These hidden quests, concealed within the vast landscapes of RDR2, showcase a different facet of his character. From encounters with mysterious strangers to navigating unforeseen challenges, these escapades are a testament to the depth of Arthur Morgan’s virtual existence.

Fact 3: Arthur’s Impact on Endings

Decoding Endings: Arthur’s Choices Matter

Contrary to popular belief, Arthur Morgan’s decisions throughout the game significantly impact the ultimate outcomes. The choices players make in crucial moments not only shape Arthur’s destiny but also influence the fates of those around him. Delving into the intricacies of these decisions unveils a dynamic narrative that diverges based on the player’s actions.


In the expansive realm of RDR2, Arthur Morgan emerges as a character of profound depth and complexity. These three shocking revelations peel back the layers of his persona, offering a fresh perspective for those willing to embark on a deeper exploration. As you revisit the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, keep these secrets in mind, and perhaps you’ll find yourself among the esteemed 1% of gamers who truly know Arthur Morgan.

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