Top Best 5 PC Games of November 2023

Are you prepared to set sail on a gaming journey? Absolutely YES!!, That’s the reason you’re here, so let’s dive in because November 2023 presents a vibrant gaming panorama where pixels ignite passions and fuel your adrenaline.

Fasten your seatbelts as we reveal the Top 5 PC Games of November 2023 that will revolutionize your gaming experience and unlock the doors to thrilling adventures, formidable challenges, and groundbreaking innovations.

Let the journey begin:

1. Persona 5 Tactica

Welcome to the inspiring world of “Persona 5 Tactica”! Developed by P-Studio and published by Sega, emerged from the desire at Atlus to explore the strategy of role-playing genre within the Persona series.

Release Information

Mark your calendars for November 17, 2023, as the day Persona 5 Tactica is set to grace our screens.

The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, to ensure that no one is left behind to enjoy the strategic revolution it brings.

Game Plot

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts find themselves in an alternate world, shackled by war and oppression.

In a bid to combat the tyrannical Legionnaires, an alliance is forged with the Rebel Corps, leading to a riveting tale of rebellion and freedom.


Persona 5 Tactica introduces gameplay mechanics rooted in the strategy RPG genre. Navigate grid-based landscapes, strategize with a weapon affinity system, and engage in intense turn-based combat.

Familiarize yourself with series staples like Persona summoning and fusion, alongside elemental affinities that add depth to your tactical decisions.

This single player-tactical role-playing is in the Tier list of PC Games. With its engaging plot, strategic, gameplay, and the pedigree of the Persona series, we’re await for this type of gaming experience.


Get ready to ignite your tactical prowess and join the Phantom Thieves in a revolution like no other!

“The stage is set, and the time for change is upon us.” Order it now!!!

2. The Walking Dead: Destinies

Welcome to a new era of gaming with “The Walking Dead Destinies”! An action-adventure game developed by Flux Games.

This groundbreaking title is not just a game; it’s an interactive experience where you have the power to alter the course of The Walking Dead history and shatter fate.

Release Information

Hold your seats! This PC Game will be available on November 17, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Game Plot

Highlighting the adventure as Rick Grimes, awakening from a coma to a world forever changed.

Dive into the story, where you can fight walkers, relive iconic moments from the TV series, and reshape the destiny of The Walking Dead Universe.


In this 3rd person action-adventure, experience heart-pounding gameplay mechanics. Slay hordes of walkers with an arsenal of melee and ranged weapons. Build your post-apocalyptic dream team from a roster of over 12 iconic characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Navigate the stress system, a game-changer in your heroes’ survival journey during walker encounters. Manage supplies, scavenge for resources, and maximize your party’s abilities to endure the apocalypse.

Test your skills through stealth combat, rescuing survivors, managing limited resources, and defending your camp against the undead hordes¹.


Get ready to test your skills and defend your camp in The Walking Dead Destinies.

So what are you waiting for? Order it now!!

3. The Day Before

The Day Before is an upcoming multiplayer open-world survival horror game which offers an engaging gaming experience. Developed by Fntastic and published by Mytona.

Brings a journey through a post-apocalyptic United States overrun by zombies after a devastating pandemic.

Release Information

The Day Before will be available on December 7,2023, as it is set to entertain the PC Gamers early.

Prepare yourself for a gripping adventure in this expansive, survival-driven gaming experience.


Immerse yourself in a world forever changed by a pandemic, where the United States has succumbed to a zombie apocalypse. “The Day Before” invites you to navigate the remnants of society and face the challenges of survival in a desolate landscape¹.


The Day Before became the most wish-listed PC Game on Steam, contrasting with concerns about the feasibility of such an ambitious project from Unreal Engine.


“The Day Before is highly recommended for the adventure enthusiasts.”

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of this adventure, Order it now!!!

4. The Smurfs 2: The Prisoner of the Green Stone

The Smurfs 2 – The Prisoner of the Green Stone is a delightful new pc game where you play a crucial role in liberating the Smurf Village from the clutches of the Green Stone.

Release Information

The game will be available on November 2, 2023 on Windows platforms.

Game Plot

Join Handy Smurf and his team on a mission to retrieve the famed Green Stone from Gargamel’s laboratory, only for a misstep to scatter its fragments across the Cursed Land.

Your mission? Embark on a Smurf-tactic quest with a team of 4 Smurfs, traversing teleporters to find and reunite the Green Stone fragments before chaos ensues.

The game also offers an additional downloadable content (DLC) such as the Corrupted Outfit.


Emerging you into dynamic gameplay featuring exploration, platforming, and intensified combat with the SmurfoMix.

Collect resources to upgrade the SmurfoMix, enhancing your abilities throughout the adventure. Team up with a partner, friends, or family in co-op mode for a truly collaborative experience.


In summary, this pc game is a blend of nostalgia and excitement. From exploring the Cursed Land to upgrading the SmurfoMix.

The game offers a rich, interactive experience for Smurf enthusiasts. As we eagerly await its release, get ready to dive into the enchanting world of the Smurfs like never before! Order it now!!!

5. RoboCop: Rogue City

Stepping into the futuristic realm of “RoboCop: Rogue City”, a game that get you in the metal boots of the iconic law enforcer, ready to clean up the streets.

Release Information

The “RoboCop: Rogue City” will be available on November 2, 2023.


Ready to experience intense gameplay mechanics as you destroy criminal sun RoboCop iconic Auto 9 machine-pistol. The game is exceptionally violent, staying true to the R-rated source material, witness arms and heads exploding, bodies rag-dolling, and enemies screaming about lost limbs.

The game captures the look and over-the-top action like a B movie, which defines the RoboCop series.


In conclusion, “RoboCop: Rogue City” promises an entertaining journey through a dystopian world where justice is delivered with a heavy thunk and a brap brap. So Order it now!!!

Here’s the end of our Top Best 5 PC Games of November 2023. Click on the links, If you want to know more about the Upcoming Games (PC, PS, Xbox, Mobile) and Trailers Reviews of released games.

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