7 Best Gaming Websites & Game Review Sites

Every year, thousands of video games hit the market and avid gamers face limited resources and time to experience them all. How can one identify which titles are truly worthy of their time and investment?

 Look no further; with the best gaming websites at hand, staying informed on video game news and reviews has never been easier.

In this blog, we have carefully assembled an exceptional list of gaming news and game review websites online, to give you access to reliable, up-to-date gaming news. Whether it is honest reviews of a game before purchase or simply perusing headlines of recent gaming news stories.

This list of exceptional websites have you covered and will ensure a great gaming experience without missing anything important in an ever-evolving industry. So dive right in, we promise not to disappoint.

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Video Game Journalism on Best Gaming Websites

Over the past decade, video game journalism has witnessed its fair share of ups and downs. We will not delve too deeply here into individual cases but should note that many prominent gaming websites have faced ethical difficulties, including collusion between writers or collusion between editors with undisclosed financial ties or favoritism towards certain publications among many other factors.

Gaming sites have also seen their focus change over time; instead of solely reviewing games based on gameplay quality and overall merit, many now prioritize social and political aspects or use their platform as a personal blog.

Furthermore, certain gaming websites have expanded to cover movies, TV shows, and music, which often overshadow gaming content altogether.

Explore these issues and form your own decisions regarding which mainstream gaming sites you wish to follow. When making this selection, pay particular attention to individual writers rather than simply looking at a site itself; there’s no one-size-fits-all “best game review site” since quality can differ across authors across platforms.


best gaming websites

GameProGuides is a fantastic all-around gaming site that has something for everyone. They consistently publish a variety of articles, including a plethora of news posts, reviews, and features every week.

You’ll find updated news on popular games, sneak peeks of upcoming titles, and engaging opinion pieces.

But GameProGuides isn’t just a gaming news hub. They offer comprehensive reviews of console and PC games, as well as mobile titles and even DLCs. Their reviews are refreshingly straightforward, and you can refer to GameProGuides’ scoring system to better understand their game ratings.

To top it all off, the site features guides and walkthroughs, making it a well-rounded video game destination that anyone can appreciate.


GamesRadar+ provides an abundance of content in terms of gaming news. You’ll find news stories, reviews, and features related to new releases – with hands-on previews for new titles being a major draw. As well as guides and reviews of games across platforms and news items of interest to you as a user.

GamesRadar+ may not cover an extensive variety of titles like other sites do; rather they prioritize quality over quantity.

At present, their review selection features only major titles with emphasis placed on hardware reviews – evidence of GamesRadar’s staff’s dedication to thoughtful analysis rather than hasty content production.

GamesRadar+ reviews feature clear Pros and Cons lists, along with an easily understandable summary of their verdict, making it simple for readers to quickly skim and absorb key points. Their variety of engaging content offers plenty of entertainment as well as quick news updates keeping up with gaming developments.


Game Informer, a long-standing video game magazine, also boasts a dedicated website that stays true to its gaming roots.

Steering clear of the movie and TV content found on many other sites, Game Informer focuses exclusively on games, with occasional coverage of movies and TV shows based on gaming franchises. Expect to find a wealth of news, previews, reviews, and features to satiate your gaming appetite.

In today’s complex digital landscape, Game Informer’s old-school approach to gaming websites is a breath of fresh air. The site is run by a team of experienced gamers, lending a professional and authentic feel to its content. They summarize their reviews with a numerical score, a practice not commonly found among modern gaming sites.

In a nutshell, Game Informer is a platform created by passionate gamers for gamers. While they may not review every minor game release, the content they do provide is top-notch and free of political distractions. It’s the perfect place for those seeking an unadulterated gaming experience.


Metacritic provides an efficient way to quickly evaluate whether or not a game is worth playing, without reading each review individually. Instead of acting as a review site itself, they compile scores from numerous game review websites – much like Rotten Tomatoes does for movies.

Simply search a game, and a weighted score ranging from 1-100 will appear. From there you can go further by reading individual reviews or comparing critics’ perspectives with everyday gamers’.

Of course, it’s essential to keep in mind that the quality of a game cannot always be reduced to one number. Some might criticize Metacritic scores too heavily; nonetheless, they remain useful tools for your research into games. Just remember there’s more than meets the eye with each title than its numbered score: don’t hesitate to dig deeper and open yourself up to new perspectives.

Nintendo Life

True to its name, Nintendo Life is a top-notch gaming website catering specifically to Nintendo aficionados. This site offers extensive coverage of the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, eShop, and related topics, featuring reviews, news, in-depth articles, and even original videos.

What truly sets Nintendo Life apart is its comprehensive guides. They offer valuable tips and tricks for major games, such as identifying Pokémon type weaknesses or spotting fake art pieces in Animal Crossing. The site also reviews downloadable eShop titles alongside mainstream releases, providing an extensive range of content for Nintendo fans.

Boasting a welcoming community in the forums and comment sections, Nintendo Life is an essential destination for anyone passionate about the world of Nintendo.


GameSpot is an industry-renowned gaming website and should definitely be explored. On its homepage, you’ll find up-to-date gaming news as well as lists of upcoming titles and recent reviews – something not easily available elsewhere.

This site provides comprehensive reviews for an assortment of games – ranging from popular titles to indie gems – across multiple platforms. If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, the video shows and forums offer another avenue to connect with fellow gaming enthusiasts.

GameSpot reviews often have some minor inaccuracies, such as writers admitting they did not play all the way through. Still, GameSpot serves as a valuable resource for gamers looking for information and community interaction.


Destructoid stands out as an inclusive gaming platform offering something for all gamers. Our weekly publication schedule ensures we provide news posts, reviews, and feature articles covering updates to games as well as insightful opinions from experts in various fields.

Destructoid goes beyond providing gaming news. They also offer in-depth reviews for PC, console, and mobile titles as well as DLCs. Their reviews are clear, straightforward and offer a scoring system so you can understand their evaluation process.

Destructoid offers video content and vibrant community forums too, making it the go-to spot for gamers.

Another Good Option For Game Reviews

The best video game websites aren’t always the ones making headlines. Many popular gaming sites come with their fair share of drawbacks, such as questionable ethics, poorly substantiated review scores, or strong biases.

However, the sites we’ve discussed are fantastic sources for video game reviews and news.

In addition to exploring these websites, consider discovering Twitch streamers whose content you enjoy.

Gaming sites often have large teams, making it challenging to find a consistent voice. By following a single streamer, you can better understand their preferences and gauge if a game suits your taste. Plus, watching a game played live can give you a more authentic feel for the experience.

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