ADC Tier List: League of Legends Characters

Are you on the hunt for the best ADC characters in League of Legends? Well, you’re definitely on the right page of the web. Check out our definitive ADC tier list of all the ADC characters, as rated by the community.

Here’s A Tier List of All the League of Legends Characters. As Ranked by ArcSecond.

But, here’s the thing – these rankings are based on our understanding of the game. So, don’t take them as official rankings, they’re just someone’s view on the game.

Now, to find your favorite fighter just hit Ctrl+F on your desktop or tap the three dots on the top right of your phone browser. Then, enter the name of the character you’re looking for and scroll down to find them in the list.

And if you want to find out the tier list rankings of your favorite character, just use the arrows on the pop-up box to locate them on the screen. It’s that simple!

adc tier list

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the tier list rankings for LoL ADC and get ready to dominate your opponents.

Character NameTier Ranking
AsheS – Tier
ZiggsS – Tier
VayneS – Tier
DravenS – Tier
SamiraS – Tier
Kog’MawA – Tier
JhinA – Tier
TristanaA – Tier
VeigarB – Tier
CassiopeiaB – Tier
SwainB – Tier
YasuoB – Tier
SivirB – Tier
TwitchB – Tier
Miss FortuneC – Tier
JinxC – Tier
SyndraC – Tier
KalistaC – Tier
CaitlynD – Tier
XayahD – Tier
EzrealD – Tier
Kai’SaD – Tier
VarusF – Tier
ApheliosF – Tier
LucianF – Tier
AkshanF – Tier

This is everything that you will need to know about the League of Legends ADC Tier List

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