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Surely Age of Mythology is one of those classic video games that keeps pulling you back in. Released nearly a decade ago, its magnetic charm is still fresh among gamers. However, even the most die-hard fans may occasionally crave a touch of novelty to spice up their gaming experience.

That’s where cheat codes come in, infusing a dose of fun and a whirl of excitement into the gameplay.

Using cheat codes in the Age of Mythology is a breeze. You just press ENTER on your keyboard, and the command console appears, ready to receive your instructions. Now, type in your cheat code – all in capital letters, and press ENTER again. It’s as simple as that!

Bear in mind, though, that some cheat codes are exclusive to specific DLCs. They only work if you’ve installed the relevant DLC. Such Age of Mythology cheat codes are typically labeled with the DLC’s name for easy identification.

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With Age of Mythology cheat codes, you can unlock a vast array of incredible features not otherwise available. These include gaining access to God’s powers, amassing wealth and resources like gold and food, or even winning the game instantly.

Age of Mythology Cheats

Let’s take a closer look at the Age of Mythology cheat codes you can use:

  1. TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE COPY: Grants you 1000 extra woods.
  2. JUNK FOOD NIGHT COPY: Tops up your food supply by 1000.
  3. ATM OF EREBUS COPY: Gives you 1000 gold.
  4. MOUNT OLYMPUS COPY: Awards full favour for your current civilization, whether it be Greeks, Egyptians, Norse, and others.
  5. LAY OF THE LAND COPY: Reveals the entire game map.
  6. UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT COPY: Conversely, hides the whole map.
  7. THRILL OF VICTORY COPY: Declares you the winner of the ongoing game.
  8. CHANNEL SURFING COPY: Moves your character to the next scenario in the current campaign.
  9. L33T SUPA H4X0R COPY: Speeds up the construction of any structure.
  10. LETS GO! NOW! COPY: Increases the game speed.
  11. CONSIDER THE INTERNET COPY: Slows down the game speed.
  12. DIVINE INTERVENTION COPY: Recharges all god powers for another use.
  13. PANDORAS BOX COPY: Rewards you with multiple god powers.
  14. WRATH OF THE GODS COPY: Unleashes specific god powers like Storm, Earthquake, Meteor, and Tornado.
  15. GOATUNHEIM COPY: Transforms all units on the game map into goats.
  16. FEAR THE FORAGE COPY: Activates the walking berry bushes god power – useful for berry bushes.
  17. BAWK BAWK BOOM COPY: Summons a rain of explosive chickens onto your enemies.
  18. I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! COPY: Gives you up to 100 monkeys that can provide food.
  19. WUV WOO COPY: A flying purple hero appears at your town center.
  20. TINES OF POWER COPY: A fork boy unit joins your forces against the enemies.
  21. O CANADA COPY: A laser bear unit, one of the most potent units, fights for you.
  22. ISIS HEAR MY PLEA COPY: Heroes from the Fall of the Trident campaign spawn.
  23. SET ASCENDANT COPY: Gives you control over all animal units on the game map.
  24. IN DARKEST NIGHT COPY: Changes the game’s time cycle, turning day into night or evening into midnight.
  25. RED TIDE COPY: The water turns red, killing the fishes.
  26. MR. MONDAY COPY: Titans receive a 1000% handicap.
  27. ENGINEERED GRAIN COPY: Your animals gain significant weight.
  28. ZENOS PARADOX COPY: Activates Atlantean god powers.
  29. TINFOIL HAT COPY: Randomizes ownership of all units on the game map.
  30. TITANOMACHY COPY: Spawns a Titan at your Town Center.
  31. RESET BUTTON COPY: Unbuilds all buildings on the map.
  32. ATLANTIS REBORN COPY: Heroes from The New Atlantis campaign spawn.
  33. BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK COPY: Summons Bella, a powerful dog with 5000 hit points, to your Town Center.
  34. NINJACONNOR COPY: Gifts 100,000 of each resource, maximizes the population cap, allows unlimited god power castings, and boosts build/research speeds by 100 times.

So go ahead, give these cheat codes a try, and enjoy Age of Mythology in a whole new light!

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