All Exoprimal Game Modes With Mission Types Explained

If you are looking for the Exoprimal Game Modes then you are at the right place.

In the thrilling world of Exoprimal, players are presented with an array of exciting paths to combat the invading dinosaurs.

With a diverse selection of game modes, both cooperative and competitive, Exoprimal guarantees a captivating gaming experience.

However, it’s essential to note that Exoprimal is an exclusively online game, lacking a single-player storyline. Instead, the narrative unfolds through online gameplay, making it a dynamic and interactive journey.

Abundant Gaming Variety

Exoprimal not only offers captivating Player versus Player (PvP) challenges but also engages Player versus Environment (PvE) content.

This rich blend of cooperative and competitive game modes ensures that players never run out of fresh and thrilling experiences.

Future Additions

Capcom, the mastermind behind Exoprimal, has exciting plans for the game’s future. They’ve confirmed that more game modes will be introduced in the upcoming updates.

On July 28, players can eagerly anticipate the arrival of the first new game mode.

Collective Gaming Experience

In Exoprimal, the game modes are designed to be enjoyed collectively. Players won’t find stand-alone modes; instead, they will face waves of dinosaur challenges in the Dino Survival mode or embark on the Final Mission in the main mode alongside the PvE Savage Gauntlet.

Exoprimal’s Dino Survival Playlist

In Exoprimal, the primary game mode is called Dino Survival. Here, two squads, each comprising five players, compete to achieve objectives and reach the end before their opponents.

This forms the core of Exoprimal’s gaming experience. Within this playlist, there are 11 different mission types and game modes that players must complete to secure victory.

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Upcoming Addition: The Exoprimal Savage Gauntlet

On July 28, 2023, an exciting new game mode called the Exoprimal Savage Gauntlet will be introduced. This dynamic mode is specially designed for experienced players who have high-level exofighter.

To succeed in Savage Gauntlet, players will need to invest effort and dedication. The game mode involves competing against others to achieve the fastest clear time each week.

With every reset, new challenges and rules will be introduced to keep things fresh and engaging.

Unlocking Game Modes as You Progress

As you begin playing Exoprimal, you’ll initially have access to two game modes in Dino Survival: Dinosaur Cull and Data Key Security.

However, as you advance through Exoprimal, you’ll gradually unlock additional game modes for Dino Survival, such as Area Defense and Omega Charge.

Alongside these new game modes, players will face unique dinosaur types, including self-destructing dinosaurs and cunning sniper dinos.

The Story Unfolds: Cutscenes and Data Logs

Contrary to expectations, Exoprimal’s story is not presented through a dedicated game mode or playlist. Instead, the narrative is conveyed through engaging cutscenes and data logs, which players unlock by completing Dino Survival matches.

Dinosaur Cull – Exoprimal Game Modes

In Exoprimal’s Dino Survival, the Dinosaur Cull stands as the most common and straightforward game mode and mission type. Its main goal is to eliminate specific types of dinosaurs.

Your task is to focus solely on killing the required dinosaur species and not get distracted by other creatures that might appear.

For instance, if the objective is to kill a Carnotaurus, there’s no need to waste time taking down countless waves of raptors. The specific objective changes randomly with each new activity, so stay attentive to the target species to succeed.

Dino Pursuit – Exoprimal Game Modes

In this exciting game mode called “Dino Pursuit,” your mission is to take down a specific target dinosaur, which is usually a tough opponent.

However, the twist is that this target can move around to different areas, making it a real challenge for players to track it down and complete the task. To make things even more challenging, other dinosaurs will appear to slow you down, so you’ll need to stay agile and quick on your feet.

VTOL Defense – Exoprimal Game Modes

Welcome to “VTOL Defense,” where your primary goal is to protect the VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft) from waves of dinosaurs. This mode can be quite challenging, as you’ll need to be quick and efficient in defeating the waves before they overwhelm you.

Focus on taking down the dinosaurs as fast as possible and ensure that none of them slip through your defenses.

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Data Key Security: Safeguarding Valuable Information

  • Players must escort a data key payload to a designated location.
  • Stand near the payload to move it forward, and more players nearby will speed up the process.
  • Be cautious, as enemies can destroy the payload, requiring time to repair and slowing them down.

Omega Charge: Empowering the Omega Hammer

In Omega Charge, players must gather their team’s Omega Hammer and charge it up to destroy three targets and move forward.

The first two targets are unique to each team, but the last stage requires both teams to battle for a single objective. By defeating dinosaurs, the Omega Hammer transforms, into stronger foes giving it more power

Energy Taker: Battling for Energy Domination

  • Two teams compete to gather energy scattered throughout the arena.
  • Players can also steal energy from defeated enemy players, raising the stakes.
  • Teamwork and vigilance are essential to prevent enemies from catching you off guard.

Escort: Protecting the Defenseless NPC Exofighter

  • Players defend a vulnerable NPC exofighter conducting an investigation.
  • Working as a team, players fend off waves of dinosaurs to protect the NPC from harm.

Neo T. Rex: Uniting Against a Formidable Foe

  • Both teams collaborate to battle a deadly, mutated T. Rex boss.
  • Limited respawns require players to strategize and perform well to defeat the powerful foe.

Vortexer Sabotage: Halt the Dinosaur Reinforcements

  • Players must stop the vortexer in the arena, which summons more dinosaurs into the action.
  • While holding off the dinosaur hordes, destroy the vortexer armor and shut it down.

Area Defense: Safeguarding a Critical Device

  • Teams protect a device within a confined zone from dinosaur attacks.
  • If the device is destroyed, players must stay nearby to repair it.
  • The more players in the vicinity, the faster the objective is completed, emphasizing teamwork.
  • Teams aim to secure three zones until a score limit is reached.
  • Both dinosaurs and enemy players compete for control of the same zones, creating chaotic action.

Special Missions: Rare Story-driven Challenges

  • Occasional special events known as Special Missions occur during the game’s narrative.
  • These unique missions are created by Leviathan, the AI hosting the Dino Survival game mode.

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