All Hollow Knight Endings | Complete Walkthrough

Once you finish the Hollow Knight endings, reloading your save file will bring you back to the bench where you take a rest before the first ending. It allows you to continue playing the game, and find the rest of the Hollow Knight endings. Do not be afraid of the other endings.

Let’s begin with this Hollow Knight Walkthrough.

Hollow Knight Endings

If you think beating Hollow Knight endings only once is enough, think again. The game features six different endings. This means you’ll still have plenty of challenges and adventures to enjoy. Don’t worry – we’ve listed all six endings. 

Here are the six different endings as well as what you will need to do in order to unlock all the endings. Prepare to return to the world of Hollow Knight to experience everything it has to offer.

The Hollow Knight

The first Hollow Knight ending of the game will be revealed after you defeat the three Dreamers and then take down the Hollow Knight at the Temple of the Black Egg. 

After this, the Hollow Knight will absorb all the Infection. It will then take the Knight’s place and seal him in the Black Egg.

Sealed Siblings

For the second of the Hollow Knight endings of the game, you must first get the Void Heart Charm. After you obtain it, you’ll face the Hollow Knight once again. Hornet will then appear and help you during the fight by stabbing a needle into Hollow Knight’s mask. 

This will allow you to carry on your attack. Once you defeat the Hollow Knight, you will then see a cutscene that is similar to the first ending except that Hornet is with you in the Temple.

Dream No More

For the third Hollow Knight ending of the game, you must follow the requirements as you did in the second ending. When Hornet comes to help you, don’t keep hitting the Hollow Knight. Use your Dream Nail to hit him instead. 

You will eliminate the infection if you defeat the boss. The Knight’s Mask will also be broken. The Void Siblings in the Abyss then fall to the ground and may even return to where they originally came from.

Embrace the Void

For the Hollow Knight Special Ending, you must finish the Godmaster Content as well as the Pantheon of the Hallownest. It means that you will need to defeat 42 different bosses all in one go, including stronger versions of every boss in the game. 

You will face the Absolute Radiance once you reach the Pantheon’s end. If you defeat it, the special ending will unlock.

You’ll see Void fall on Godhome, and the Godseeker in Junk Pits leaking Void. Hornet is also seen outside the Temple of the Black Egg, while the Hollow Knight leaves the Temple.

Delicate Flower

You can get this fifth of the Hollow Knight endings by completing the Pantheon in Hollow Knight and giving the Flower to Godseeker in the Junk Pits. When you do that, the flower will prevent the Void leaking from the Godseeker. 

The Void will disappear, along with the Godseeker, when a bright white flash appears, leaving behind only the flower. The Temple of the Black Egg scene stays the same.

Passage of the Age

You may not have heard of the secret Hollow Knight ending, Passage of the Age. This ending will be revealed only if you have met Mister Mushroom in the right order, eight times. 

After you’ve met Mister Mushroom the required number of times, you can unlock the Passage of the Age ending. You can play it after you’ve successfully completed the game.

Be ready for your next journey. This is it for this Hollow Knight Walkthrough.

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