Among Us VR Review: What’s good, What’s not?

An urgent gathering has been convened, not due to the discovery of a corpse, but rather to announce a thrilling new method to bamboozle your buddies. Among Us, a sleeper sensation skyrocketed to fame long after its initial release Thanks to prominent streamers who embraced the game. This Among Us VR review will tell you all about it.

This straightforward social deduction game grew so rapidly that the developers halted work on the sequel to focus on enhancing the original game.

Though not a direct sequel, Among Us enthusiasts can soon experience the exhilarating tension of identifying an imposter among the crew with Among Us VR. As the name implies, this adaptation not only propels the 2D game into the third dimension but also into the realm of virtual reality. This dramatic shift instantly enhances the game’s dynamics. For those intrigued by potential changes and curious about how it’ll all function, we’ve scrutinized every detail to bring you everything you need to know about in this Among Us VR review.

Among Us VR Release Date

Among Us VR was out back on November 10, 2022. It was the holiday season, and this was the gift from Among Us developers for their fans.

Many streamers since then have adopted this game to be their most played game.

Among Us VR Review

Among Us VR Platforms

Among Us VR is a title exclusively designed for virtual reality. To immerse yourself in the game, you’ll require one of these VR headsets. Meta Quest, Playstation VR, or a Steam-compatible headset such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index.

Additional VR devices may support the game in the future. For the time being, these are the choices for stepping into the shoes of a crewmate or imposter.

Among Us VR Review

Among Us VR Trailer

The trailer begins with a yellow bean crewmate meandering through a corridor before switching to a first-person viewpoint. They draw near to a panel and initiate a task using the new VR motion controls. As it loads, they eavesdrop on two fellow crewmates strolling by, pivoting their head to sneak a peek at their conversation.

Next, the trailer transitions to a gathering where all crewmates are encircling a table, bickering and waving their disconnected arms, while yellow casually twirls his fingers, feigning innocence. The scene shifts with everyone’s gaze fixed on the unassuming yellow.

The pattern continues. Yellow performing a task, a pair of crewmates passing, one meeting their demise. And an ever-shrinking assembly with suspicion aimed squarely at the clueless yellow. The climax unfolds as red approaches and chomps off yellow’s upper half, relegating him or her to a ghostly existence.

Just like the original Among Us, Among Us VR lacks its own narrative. Instead, it’s all about the unique stories you and your friends concoct during each distinct match.


Among Us VR will maintain the core mechanics of the original game while making necessary adjustments for virtual reality. Crewmates will continue to navigate the Skeld, complete tasks, avoid elimination, and participate in meetings to identify the imposter(s).

The most significant changes will be the transition to a first-person perspective and the use of motion controls. The limited field of view in VR differs from the third-person perspective of the original game. However, this also allows players to easily look around while completing tasks by simply turning their heads. Interacting with panels using motion controls is expected to provide a more immersive and engaging experience.

Among Us VR Review

Imposters can still traverse vents and sabotage tasks to create chaos among crewmates. The trailer demonstrates an imposter spying on a crewmate through vent slots, showcasing this feature.

Additionally, players can use hand gestures during meetings to accuse or deflect suspicion from themselves. Although this may not be effective if caught red-handed, it does add depth and personality to the game’s social aspect.


Similar to the initial release, Among Us VR remains solely a multiplayer experience. Accommodating a range of four to 10 participants, the game allows for one or multiple imposters, depending on your preferred configurations.

Order Among Us VR

To order the Among Us VR version, start by visiting the official website or the digital distribution platform where the game is available, such as Steam, Oculus Store, or PlayStation Store. Browse the catalog or search for “Among Us VR” in the search bar.

Once you find the game, click on the title to access the game’s detailed description page. Here, you can view important information such as the game’s price, system requirements, user reviews, and more.

To proceed with the purchase, click the “Buy” or “Add to Cart” button, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction. After completing the purchase, the game will be added to your account’s library, and you can download and install it on your VR-compatible device. Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements to ensure a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

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