Anime Adventures Tier List New Update 2023

Hold onto your hats, anime fans! The ever-evolving Anime Adventures Tier List just got a fresh update, thanks to all the new characters joining the party. So, buckle up for the latest and greatest roster of anime superstars.

Presenting the crème de la crème of the Anime Adventures Tier List. This 2023 MK11 lineup comes straight from Blam Spot’s YouTube treasure trove. Our main man, Blam, has been dishing out top-notch tier lists for Roblox games like Ultimate Tower Defense, All-Star Tower Defense, and Dungeon Quest. And guess what? He breezed through Anime Adventures in no time flat. So, you know you can trust his expert opinion.

Anime Adventures Tier List

Anime Adventures Tier List

Now, let’s dive into the Anime Adventures Tier List, served up hot and fresh.

TiersAnime Adventures Units
S TierDio
S TierDiavoro
S TierAll Might
S TierMarada
S TierPain
S TierRangoku
A TierBlue Goku
A TierBroly
A TierGoku Rose
A TierJotaro
A TierNezuka
A TierErin
A TierGiorno
A TierTodorro
B TierInosuke
B TierKakashi
B TierKaryoin
B TierUnderhaul
C TierJohna
C TierLuffo
C TierPiccola
C TierSakura
C TierSanjay
D TierIchi
D TierItach
D TierJosuka
D TierKrillo
D TierNaruto
D TierVegeta
D TierZoru

Todorro and Josuka have joined our impressive list of top performers thanks to their outstanding gameplay performance during gameplay. As we explore new characters and release more Blam Spot videos, rest assured that we’ll keep updating this list to stay informed.

Game Synopsis

Get ready for an epic journey where threats from various worlds have come together in an explosive event! Not to worry though; heroes from across the universe have united under your leadership and they depend on you to lead them to victory!

Can you gather all the mightiest heroes together and save these worlds together?

Get ready to:

  • Assemble an elite team of anime warriors to battle wave after wave of relentless enemies!
  • Gather an arsenal of unique and powerful characters to aid you in your fight!
  • Level up your heroes and create a one-of-a-kind squad that’s ready for anything!

That is all there is to our Anime Adventures Tier List.

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