Apex Legends Character Rankings | Season 16

Ahoy Legends! Congratulations on finding Apex Glory’s treasure trove! Welcome to the reveal of Apex Legends character rankings for Season 16, fresh off the press. We’re very excited about unveiling this Apex Legends character tier list to you all and invite your participation in shaping them further!

Now, we all know that the pilot matters more than the plane; so stick to your guns (and Legends) until they hit a brick wall. Only then should you allow Meta to seduce you into its world of overpowered games.

If this tantalizing Tier List intrigues you, prepare to embark on an incredible journey through our comprehensive Apex Legends weaponry guide. Make sure your guns are loaded. Lock and load.

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Apex Legends Character Rankings

Here are our rankings for the best Apex Legends Characters:

TierApex Legends Tier List
SWraith, Valkyrie, Seer
AHorizon, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Lifeline, Bangalore, Mad Maggie
BNewcastle, Gibraltar, Fuse, Catalyst, Vantage, Loba, Crypto, Caustic
CMirage, Octane, Wattson, Ash
DRevenant, Rampart

Apex Legends Character Rankings Chart

For a visual version of this Apex Legends Character tier list, check out our infographic:

Apex Legends Character Rankings

Here’s a handy guide that’ll help you understand which are the top Apex Legends characters, with quick overviews of why each of their rankings. Let’s jump right in!

S-Tier Legends – Game Changers

Valkyrie: She excels at hunting enemies and dodging danger. Additionally, her Missile Swarm helps slow enemy moves while Skyward Dive helps quickly reposition your team while scouting from above.

Wraith is an outstanding option due to her powerful portal ability that enables your team to enter and exit fights strategically. Furthermore, being invulnerable while using the portal makes her an exceptional offensive and defensive legend.

Seer: Seer is an expert at information gathering; their Exhibit can be used to scan quickly, while his tactics can reveal enemies, interrupt healing sessions, and even counter Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive attack – making her invaluable in most team comps!

A-Tier Apex Legends – Reliable Choices

Horizon: Horizon is perfect for reaching high spots, while her Blackhole ability can cause havoc for enemies. Her Spacewalk and Gravity Lift abilities help your team gain ground when needed.

Bloodhound: Even with some slight adjustments, Bloodhound remains powerful when used effectively against Bangalore’s smoke and has increased movement speed. They remain effective, although less dominant when deployed correctly.

Pathfinder: With his Season 16 buffs, Pathfinder can be invaluable for moving your team in and out of fights quickly. His Zipline Gun can come in handy, although Wraith may prove more efficient overall.

Lifeline: She boasts exceptional healing powers, though Combat Revive may prove challenging at times. Additionally, her ultimate reveals your location; with the new class system in play, she makes an excellent support legend.

Bangalore: She excels at both offense and defense with her Rolling Thunder and movement passive skillset, yet isn’t versatile enough for every team comp.

Mad Maggie: Excellent for rotations, her abilities may not warrant ranking higher; nevertheless, they could make a significant impact in certain moments.

B-Tier Legends – Situational Specialists

Newcastle: Although Newcastle can provide an effective defense, their efficiency in today’s fast-paced meta is limited.

Gibraltar: It can absorb damage for your team while offering some support, yet his large hitbox and long cooldown times make him an easy target.

Fuse: Excellent for area control and ammo management, the fuse should only ever be used with extreme caution.

Catalyst: Ideal for endgame defense when combined with Wattson or Caustic.

Vantage: Excelling at long-range encounters but struggling in close-quarter fights.

Loba: Loba can be useful in endgame play, though her abilities fall short outside this niche.

Crypto: His EMP is powerful, but his drone can easily be shot down.

Caustic: Caustic is great at locking down buildings, yet does not possess as much strength compared to other defensive legends.

C-Tier Legends – At Times Shining

Octane: It excels with movement but tends to be most useful when placed into situations requiring it.

Mirage: An acceptable option, although its decoys and ultimate are ineffective.

Wattson: Fantastic in endgame situations but less so in early to mid-game encounters.

Ash: Ash’s abilities may provide sufficient rotation support but lack real utility.

D-Tier Legends – Not So Hot Picks

Rampart: Mediocre with easily countable abilities.

Revenant: Sometimes useful but to niche for most situations.

Apex Legends Character Rankings Methodology:

S-Tier: Game-winning legends that work exceptionally well across every team comp.

A-Tier: Solid performers that fit well within most team comps, offering significant impactful benefits.

B-Tier Legends are utilized when necessary and have specific roles, but do not perform as efficiently due to being overshadowed by more dynamic options, team comp issues or simply being too niche in nature.

C-Tier Legends can have their moments but are generally outclassed by other legends. Their abilities don’t offer game-changing advantages and do not fit well into the current meta. 

D-Tier: Poor choices with easily countered or ignored abilities that provide little utility; often outdone by superior legends.

And so concludes our take on the top characters in Apex Legends! Keep in mind, however, that tier lists may change with game updates or balance changes, so stay tuned. Most importantly, have fun exploring various legends to find your personal favorites!

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