New AR Space Invaders Game: Google & Taito Collab

Google and Taito have joined forces to bring an AR version of Space Invaders called World Defense to life, using tools from Google such as ARCore and Geospatial Creator for real-world location scouting by space invader aliens.

Based on a GIF in a tweet by Google, it appears you will play this game like a shooting gallery. A handful of aliens appear near and around an image of an idyllic cityscape and there’s a reticle so the player can shoot them down from above.

space invaders

I suspect however that this footage might not fully represent what will ultimately become of the final product – they appear animated over an existing stock photo rather than being fully developed as part of an interactive experience.

Space Invaders AR Experience

Google and Taito will collaborate to launch SPACE INVADERS: World Defense 45 years after its initial release.

Later this summer, this engaging AR game transforms your city into an incredible virtual playground!

Google and Taito also gave us a promotional AR video, but it does not depict actual people engaging with aliens through World Defense. World Defense’s website remains disappointingly barren with only this promo video and this description of what can be expected:

SPACE INVADERS have attempted to take over Earth for 45 years now, using advanced technology from another dimension to invade and try to take it over.

You must use your advanced spaceship’s advanced technologies and your skills as one of Earth’s top pilots to travel between dimensions to defend our home planet. ARCore and Google Geospatial Creator make this game unique by creating an AR/ 3D real-world playground where classic gameplay returns – search out SPACE INVADERS near you and try your luck in defeating them all.

World Defense website shows an image of a ship engaged with aliens in an open trench – this could indicate one element of gameplay.

According to its promo video description, this game should be out later this summer and we hope that its performance compares favorably to similar AR titles that have come before it.

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