Arknights Tier List | Updated 2023

Arknights Tier List can make playing this popular strategic gacha RPG easier for you! We have collected all heroes and ranked them according to class for an ultimate list of Arknights characters. Whether you need an entirely new team or simply want that perfect defender, this list has everything covered!

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Now, let’s dive in and examine our Arknights Tier List.

Arknights tier list: Three Arknights Defenders, from left to right: Nian, Saria, and Horn

Arknights tier list – defenders

SBlemishine, Eunectes, Horn, Hoshiguma, Liskarm, Mudrock, Nian, Saria
AAsbestos, Ashlock, Bubble, Croissant, Cuora, Heavyrain, Nearl, Shalem
BBison, Blitz, Czerny, Dur-Nar, Gummy, Hung, Matterhorn, Vulcan
CAurora, Beagle, Cardigan, Spot
DNoir Corne
Arknights tier list: Three Arknights guards, from left to right: Ch'en, SilverAsh, and Lappland


SBlaze, Ch’en, Hellagur, Irene, Lappland, Mountain, Nearl the Radiant Knight, La Pluma, Pallas, SilverAsh, Skadi, Specter, Surtr, Thorns
AAstesia, Amiya (Guard), Ayerscarpe, Bibeak, Broca, Cutter, Flint, Franka, Hellagur, Indra, Tequila, Utage
BArene, Akafuyu, Beehunter, Conviction, Estelle, Flamebringer, Matoimaru, Melantha, Mousse, Savage, Sideroca
CCastle-3, Frostleaf, Jackie, Midnight, Popukar, Swire, Tachanka, Whislash
Arknights tier list: Three Arknights Medics, from left to right: Mulberry, Nightingale, and Honeyberry


SHoneyberry, Kal’tsit, Mulberry, Nightingale, Ptilopsis, Shining, Warfarin
AHibiscus the Purifier, Lumen, Perfumer, Purestream, Silence, Sussurro, Whisperain
BBreeze, Folinic, Gavial, Myrrh, Tuye
CAnsel, Ceylon, Chestnut, Hibiscus, Lancet-2
Arknights tier list: Flammetta and Archetto from Arknights


SArchetto, Ash, Ch’en the Holungday, Exusiai, Fartooth, Flametta, Rosa (Poca), Rosmontis, Schwarz, W
AAndreana, April, Blue Poison, Firewatch, GreyThroat, Kroos the Keen Glint, Meteorite, Pinecone, Platinum, Provence
BAciddrop, Aosta, Executor, May, Sesa, Shirayuki, Toddifons, Vermeil
CAmbriel, Catapult, Erato, Jessica, Kroos, Meteor
DAdnachiel, ‘Justice Knight’, Rangers
Arknights tier list: Three Arknights specialists, from left to right: Aak, Gladiia, and Projekt Red


SAak, Phantom, Projekt Red, Weedy, Gladiia, Lee, Specter the Unchained
ACliffheart, Enforcer, Ethan, FEater, Frost, Gravel, Jaye, Kafka, Kazemaru, Manticore, Mizuki, Mr. Nothing, Robin
BRope, Snowsant, Shaw, Waai Fu
Arknights tier list: Three Arknights Supporters, from left to right: Angelina, Ling, and Suzuran

Arknights tier list – supporters

SAngelina, Gnosis, Ling, Magallan, Shamare, Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Suzuran
AGlaucus, Istina, Mayer, Pramanix, Scene, Sora
BDeepcolor, Heidi, Podenco, Quercus, Roberta
CEarthspirit, Orchid, Tsukinogi
DNine-Colored Deer, Windflit
Arknights tier list: Three Arknights Vanguards from left to right: Bagpipe, Siege, and Myrtle.

Arknights tier list – vanguards

SBagpipe, Elysium, Myrtle, Saga, Siege
ABlacknight, Flametail, Reed, Saileach, Texas, Vigna, Wild Mane, Zima
BBeanstalk, Chiave, Courier, Grani, Scavenger
CFang, Plume, Vanilla

And there you go! All of the Arknights characters are ranked for your convenience. On the hunt for something new to dive into? Don’t forget to check out our other tier lists of the best gacha games.

Happy gaming.

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