Atlas Fallen Release Date, Trailer, & More

Atlas Fallen is an upcoming fantasy action RPG from Deck13 Interactive. It promises players an epic journey through a beautiful yet dangerous world. It is full of ancient mysteries and formidable enemies.

As you travel through the vast desert landscape, shape sand into deadly weapons, and battle beasts with your shape-shifting gauntlet, you’ll find yourselves immersed in an inspiring tale of heroism and redemption.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at when this out-of-the-world game will release. Its release date, trailer, gameplay details, and development status – plus what we can expect from it!

Atlas Fallen Release Date

Atlas Fallen is set for release on May 16, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Initially, Its release date was set for May 2023. But the developers of the game had some more for the game in mind. So, now it is set to release in August 2023. It is to give its development team more time to polish it and add a full German voice-over at launch.

Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen Trailer

The new trailer for Atlas Fallen gives players an exclusive look into the stunning environments, swift gliding through desert landscapes, and intense combat to come in the game.

It showcases enemies, the divine power of shape-shifting weapons, as well as some powerful skills and abilities players can unlock to build a unique moveset.

This sets the scene for an epic journey as players embark on liberating Atlas’ people.

Atlas Fallen Gameplay

Atlas Fallen is a third-person action RPG where players create and customize their avatars. The game features an ancient gauntlet that allows players to manipulate sand into weapons with ease.

Atlas Fallen

With an emphasis on speed and fluidity, players must dodge, counter, and block incoming attacks while seamlessly switching between land and air combat.

As players explore the open regions of Atlas Fallen, they’ll come across various non-playable characters, complete side quests, and unlock hidden areas using the gauntlet’s powers.

Atlas Fallen

Progression through the game rewards players with “Shards” and “Catalyst Pieces,” which allow them to enhance the gauntlet’s combat capabilities even further. Furthermore, Atlas Fallen features a two-player cooperative multiplayer mode for those who wish to share their journey with a friend.


Atlas Fallen is the latest “Soulslike” title developed by Deck13 Interactive and differs from previous games such as Lords of the Fallen and The Surge.

Design director Jeremy Hartvick credits inspirations from God of War (2018) and Horizon series games, while some elements from The Surge titles have been adopted into Atlas Fallen such as a body targeting system.

With three difficulty modes available – including a hard mode for experienced Soulslike gamers – Atlas Fallen appeals to a variety of gamers alike!

Atlas Fallen will be released by Focus Entertainment after being officially unveiled at Gamescom 2022 in August 2022.


Atlas Fallen looks set to be an exciting addition to the action RPG genre, boasting its innovative sand manipulation mechanics, captivating combat system, and visually stunning world. With exploration, character customization options, and thrilling battles against legendary creatures waiting in the wings for gamers everywhere – Atlas Fallen won’t disappoint! With its release just around the corner, gamers won’t want to miss this thrilling new title!

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