Azur Lane Tier List: Best Ships 2023

Developed by Chinese creators Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi, Azur Lane is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up video game designed for Android and iOS platforms. It was initially released in China and Japan. The game garnered immense popularity. Amassing around 5 million active players. This Azur Lane Tier List will go over all its characters.

This success led to a gradual expansion into other regions such as North America and Europe by October 2019. The game’s acclaim further prompted various manga and short novel adaptations, as well as a full-fledged anime television series.

The game primarily features female characters who embody human representations of world warships. Primarily from the United States Navy, Royal Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy, and Kriegsmarine. Subsequently, additional ships were introduced from the French Navy (both Vichy and Free France variations). Then came the Republic of China Navy, the People’s Liberation Army Navy, the Regia Marina, the Soviet Navy, and the Imperial Russian Navy.

Azur Lane Tier List

Players are tasked with collecting these characters. Assembling them into six fleets and engaging in battles against AI-controlled botsor other players’ fleets.

Azur Lane Tier List

Azur Lane boasts an eclectic array of characters for players to select from. These characters are primarily categorized by the kind of ship they can transform into. Which subsequently dictates their role and position on the map.

Azur Lane Tier List

In our tier list, we will rank the characters across S/A/B/C/D tiers. With S-Tier representing the most powerful and D-Tier indicating the least potent. Since not all ships excel in every game mode, our tier list will incorporate all types within each tier rather than segregating them. Without further delay, let’s dive into the tier list.

Azur Lane Tier List – S Tier

These are the strongest ships in the game and are essential components in nearly any fleet composition across all game modes.

Possessing a selection of these ships will significantly enhance your gameplay experience. As they have exceptional stats and abilities that are great for a wide range of in-game scenarios.

HelenaLight Cruiser
Friedrich der GrosseBattleship
FormidableAircraft Carrier
CentaurLight Aircraft Carrier
San Diego RetrofitLight Cruiser
I-13Submarine Seaplane Carrier
RoonHeavy Cruiser
EssexAircraft Carrier
DrakeHeavy Cruiser
BaltimoreHeavy Cruiser
SeattleLight Cruiser
AzumaLarge Cruiser
EnterpriseAircraft Carrier
Warspite RetrofitBattleship
BremertonHeavy Cruiser
RyuuhouAircraft Carrier

Azur Lane Tier List – A Tier

Although the ships classified in the A-Tier may not possess the same superiority as those in the S-Tier, they remain excellent additions to any fleet. Boasting impressive statistics and formidable strength, these ships prove to be versatile and effective in numerous combat scenarios.

NeptuneLight Cruiser
CheshireHeavy Cruiser
ChapayevLight Cruiser
AmagiBattle Cruiser
IllustriousAircraft Carrier
MontpelierLight Cruiser
Z23 RetrofitDestroyer
SwiftsureLight Cruiser
PerseusAircraft Carrier
Ping Hai RetrofitLight Cruiser
Ning Hai RetrofitLight Cruiser
Yat-Sen RetrofitLight Cruiser
Bunker HillAircraft Carrier
AkashiRepair Ship
ZaraHeavy Cruiser
Saint LouisHeavy Cruiser
VestalRepair Ship
Laffey RetrofitDestroyer
NoshiroLight Cruiser
Saratoga RetrofitAircraft Carrier
Graf ZeppelinAircraft Carrier
Duke of YorkBattleship
Portland RetrofitHeavy Cruiser
MinneapolisHeavy Cruiser
Jintsuu RetrofitLight Cruiser
An ShanDestroyer
IntrepidAircraft Carrier
King George VBattleship
UnicornLight Aircraft Carrier

B Tier

B-Tier ships may not have the same level of dominance as their S-Tier and A-Tier peers, but in the hands of a skilled player, they can truly excel.

To harness their full potential, players should possess a solid understanding of the game’s mechanics. When used effectively, these ships can be considered part of the meta. As long as the player knows how to expertly navigate their abilities.

Jean BartBattleship
BirminghamLight Cruiser
Mogami RetrofitHeavy Cruiser
ShouhouLight Aircraft Carrier
Hyuuga RetrofitAviation Battleship
HoodBattle Cruiser
Z1 RetrofitDestroyer
CasablancaAircraft Carrier
Queen ElizabethBattleship
HermioneLight Cruiser
ClevelandLight Cruiser
KagaAircraft Carrier
Little BelLight Cruiser
LondonHeavy Cruiser
Jeanne D’ArcLight Cruiser
AuroraLight Cruiser
IbukiHeavy Cruiser
North CarolinaBattleship
ColumbiaLight Cruiser
Ark RoyalAircraft Barrier
Nicholas RetrofitDestroyer
DidoLight Cruiser

C Tier

C-Tier ships can be regarded as fairly standard. With no particularly exceptional attributes to highlight.

Their statistics are notably inferior to ships’ in previous rankings. While they might find utility in certain situations, it would be advisable to consider replacing them in your lineup if they are currently present.

Newcastle RetrofitLight Cruiser
Souryuu RetrofitAircraft Carrier
VictoriousAircraft Carrier
BelfastLight Cruiser
ZuikakuAircraft Carrier
Kagerou RetrofitDestroyer
Little RenownBattleship
AlgerieHeavy Cruiser
SiriusLight Cruiser
Kizuna AlDestroyer
Prinz EugenHeavy Cruiser
RenoLight Cruiser
ShoukakuAircraft Carrier
KinuLight Cruiser
Hiryuu RetrofitAircraft Carrier
Curlew RetrofitLight Cruiser
SheffieldLight Cruiser
WichitaHeavy Cruiser

D Tier

It’s unfortunate, but we have to be honest here. These ships simply aren’t the best choice. Their stats are at the bottom of the barrel. Making them the least competitive in the game at the moment.

If you’re absolutely stuck with no other options, go ahead and use them. But ditch them as soon as you acquire a higher-tier ship.

Curacoa RetrofitLight Cruiser
FumiruiruAircraft Carrier
BataanAircraft Carrier
EagleAircraft Carrier
BiloxiLight Cruiser
Shangri-LaAircraft Carrier
AkagiAircraft Carrier
TaihouAircraft Carrier
Sendai RetrofitLight Cruiser

Azur Lane Tier List: Kinds of Ships

When getting ready for the primary game mode, participants have the option to arrange two fleets. Each contains a front line (Vanguard) and a rear line, with a trio of slots available in both rows. For the Vanguard, it is best to utilize five distinct types of vessels, specifically:

  • Destroyers
  • Light Cruisers
  • Heavy Cruisers
  • Large Cruiser
  • Battlecruiser

Meanwhile, the back row should consist of eight different ship categories, namely:

  • Battleships
  • Aviation Battleship
  • Monitors
  • Repair Ships
  • Aircraft Carrier
  • Light Aircraft Carrier
  • Submarines
  • Submarine Seaplane Carrier

In the main PvE game mode, the map exhibits a grid-like layout akin to the well-known game, Battleship.

Azur Lane Tier List

This layout is full of various nodes, each serving a unique purpose. To effectively clear enemy obstructions and reach the map’s boss with minimal movements, players must employ optimal navigation strategies and tactically assemble their fleets.

For the PvP game mode, participants are to prepare a defensive fleet and organize an offensive fleet to challenge the defensive fleets of their opponents.

Azure Lane Tier List – Verdict

In conclusion, we have now completed our Azur Lane Tier List. With an extensive array of characters, the game can be quite daunting for newcomers, but our tier list aims to simplify your experience and help you navigate the game more effortlessly.

Azur Lane has garnered popularity for all the right reasons, receiving numerous awards and high ratings from its dedicated player base. The game is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, and we strongly encourage you to try it out if you haven’t already embarked on this exciting adventure.

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