BattleForge Honest Review | Still Worth it in 2023?

BattleForge is a remarkable combination of a traditional card game and real-time strategy gameplay, introduced by Electronic Arts.

This ingenious fusion allows players to move beyond traditional card game boundaries, merging elements of strategic deck creation with a real-time battlefield.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes BattleForge a standout game in an intensively competitive niche like card games.

BattleForge Gameplay

BattleForge brings an exciting twist to the usual card gaming mechanics. Players begin with a deck of cards representing their units. However, unlike in most card games, buildings or abilities to generate additional cards or units are not available. Instead, players must secure objectives on the battlefield that generate elemental orbs or summoning points.

Each card demands a specific number of points to summon, and more potent cards require more orbs corresponding to the card’s element. The game boasts four elements: fire, frost, nature, and shadow, each offering unique creatures with different abilities. Players also have access to spells and defensive towers, which they can summon in the same way as creatures.

A fascinating aspect of BattleForge is its real-time summoning mechanism. Players can immediately summon units from their ‘hand’ onto the battlefield, eliminating any wait time. But there’s a catch – summoning creatures near your units or a monument involves no penalties, but summoning away from these safe zones leads to ‘Resurrection Sickness’, reducing the summoned unit’s health and abilities temporarily.

BattleForge Graphics

The graphics in BattleForge provide a thrilling visual experience. The battlefield, the design of the cards, and the creatures all are visually stunning.


The detail on the graphic side is beyond professional, and each of the four elements – fire, frost, nature, and shadow – has unique aesthetics that add to the Battleforge’s immersive feel. The battlefield environment is dynamic and engaging and heightens the tension and drama of the gameplay.

Sound & Music

BattleForge’s soundscape adds additional depth to the overall gaming experience. The music score is captivating, setting the mood for each battle and adjusting to the changing dynamics of the gameplay. The sound effects accompanying the actions, like summoning creatures or casting spells, create a more immersive experience, reinforcing the on-screen visuals.

It seems like the production team for this game went full Hollywood on the score production.

Is BattleForge still worth playing?

Even years after its initial release, BattleForge maintains its appeal thanks to its unique gameplay and its successful blending of card and RTS game elements.

The game encourages strategic thinking, teamwork in PvE quests, and competitiveness in PvP matches. The graphics and sound design remain engaging, further enhancing the immersive experience of this ageless game.

While it does have its limitations, such as the lack of an offline campaign mode, the fact that the game allows players to try it on a ‘trial’ basis is a major plus. This feature enables potential players to experience the game firsthand before committing, a testament to Electronic Arts’ player-centric approach.

Overall, if you’re a fan of card-based strategy games or RTS, or you’re seeking a unique gaming experience, BattleForge is worth a try. Its engaging gameplay, coupled with visually appealing graphics and immersive sound design, promises a rich and exciting gaming experience.

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