Best Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List

Those big, scary monsters might be a key part of Monster Hunter Rise, but Monster Hunter Rise Weapons are just as important – after all, you can’t bring down Malzeno with just your hands, right? And while all Monster Hunter Rise Weapons have their own special power, some of them are just a bit better than the rest. 

That’s where our Monster Hunter Rise weapons tier list comes in, ranking all the cool weapon types in the game, so you can pick the most awesome gear.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List

The base game has a ton of stuff to dive into, but the Sunbreak and version 10.0 updates brought lots of changes to Monster Hunter Rise Weapons.

From much-needed improvements to brand-new switch skills, it led to a big power shift for players at all levels. So, our tier list considers each weapon’s status in the Sunbreak DLC, but it still works for the base game as well.

The rankings in our Monster Hunter Rise Tier List can be a bit subjective, as there are many factors that influence a weapon’s position.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

We’ve thought about the overall damage potential, how flexible and versatile it is in gameplay, how easy or hard it is to use and master, whether its strengths beat its weaknesses, and the power of its switch skills and how they work with the weapon’s abilities.

We’ll explain more below, talking about each weapon’s playstyle, pros, and cons, and why we think it belongs in its specific rank.

But first, let’s check out that Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier list:

SLong sword, great sword, switch axe, hunting horn, charge blade, insect glaive, gunlance
ADual blades, bow, sword & shield, hammer, light bowgun
BHeavy bowgun, lance

S-Tier Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

MHR long sword

Since Rise’s launch, players have loved the long sword for its power. It’s got a wide reach, loads of counterattacks, and strong combos, all with pretty good mobility. You can deal tons of damage while dodging and repositioning yourself. Plus, its combos, switch skills, and silk bind abilities work together like a charm. And Sunbreak’s new skill loadouts make it even better.


  • Awesome counter-attack skills
  • Powerful Spirit Blade attacks and combos
  • Long reach for a melee weapon
  • Sunbreak gives it some of the best switch skills and kit synergy


  • No guarding options, so dodging is key
  • Low single-hit damage
  • Depends on Spirit Gauge

MHR great sword

This is the Buster Sword of Monster Hunter. The great sword is huge and slow, but it can deal jaw-dropping damage. It has powerful charge attacks and crazy-high single-hit damage, and it lets you guard.

But guarding uses up a lot of weapon sharpness, so you’ll need to sharpen it a lot. The great sword has always had mobility issues, but Sunbreak has improved it quite a bit. This one is probably one of the best Monster Hunter Rise Weapons.


  • Strongest single-hit attack damage in the game
  • Hit-and-run playstyle
  • if you want to play it safe Can guard Sunbreak, giving it a powerful counter-attack move


  • Not the best mobility, but Sunbreak and update 10.0 helped
  • Guarding uses up sharpness (even more than when you attack monsters)

MHR switch axe

The Switch Axe might seem complicated at first, but its flexible playstyle and powerful damage makes it a great choice for experienced hunters. It has good range, flexibility, and mobility. Sword mode has fast attacks and explosive finishers, while axe mode has powerful hits and a long reach.

The power phial system can be tricky for new players, but the new elemental burst counterattack makes it easier to manage.


  • Versatile with sword and axe modes
  • Power phials boost performance and are easier to charge with new switch skills
  • High DPS and focuses on attacking
  • Super effective with elemental and status damage to exploit a monster’s weaknesses


  • No defensive moves or attacks
  • Some slow and stationary attacks and combos
  • Requires smart positioning to get the most out of strong combos without getting hurt

MHR hunting horn

This is Monster Hunter’s “support” weapon. The hunting horn is great for buffing allies, but it’s also good for smashing monster faces. Each hunting horn has melodies that give you and your teammates awesome effects like defense, attack, stamina boosts, sharpness regeneration, and more.

And you can keep attacking while playing a tune! Plus, some hunting horns look like giant metal bagpipes or electric guitars. How cool is that?


  • You and nearby allies get melody effects automatically
  • Powerful combo called Magnificent Trio, giving all stored note effects
  • Can stun a monster and break its face if you hit it in the head (like a hammer)
  • Long reach


  • No guard potential
  • You need to refresh your melodies every few minutes

MHR charge blade

The Charge Blade is a flexible weapon with impact and element phials. It’s great at element discharges and exploiting a monster’s weaknesses.

You can switch between sword mode, which has high mobility and a shield for guarding, and axe mode, which trades mobility for higher damage. It’s easy to switch between the two, so you can adapt on the fly.

Capcom has fixed the element discharge hitboxes, making it easier to land powerful attacks. The chain crit, air dash, and phial-based switch skills can deal some serious damage.


  • Versatile and adaptable, allowing you to change your style depending on the situation
  • Powerful element discharge attacks
  • Provides the ability to guard
  • Strong ‘guard points’ let you execute an element discharge immediately after being hit during a guard point
  • Can stun monsters using impact phials and hitting them in the face


  • The charge blade is tricky to master
  • Long attack animations with lengthy charge-ups make timing attacks challenging

MHR insect glaive

The Insect Glaive has always been a bit odd, but there’s no denying its usefulness and strength. Insect glaives have not been nerfed in MHR; they’re actually stronger, mainly due to the new ‘dual color’ capability of kinsects. The insect glaive offers fantastic mobility and loads of aerial attacks. Its switch skills are great, and the new kinsect bonuses in Sunbreak are super powerful. If you master the insect glaive, you’ll soon become a pole-vaulting ninja of fury.


  • High mobility and lots of powerful aerial attacks
  • Super strong kinsect buffs
  • Great for mounting monsters, with the highest chance of triggering wyvern riding
  • Combos and switch skills greatly improve offensive capabilities


  • Relies heavily on kinsect extracts, which don’t last long
  • Loses sharpness quickly
  • No guarding options

MHR Gunlance

The Gunlance is one of the unique Monster Hunter Rise Weapons that’s part shield, part lance, and part gun. It can feel slow and clunky at first, but its new switch skills help with mobility.

If you can learn to position yourself well, it can pack a punch. It has great burst damage potential and excels at breaking monster parts, which is greatly helped by Sunbreak’s Malzeno armor skills. Ammo management might take some getting used to, and it requires a lot of sharpening or strong gems and skills, but its impact is worth it.


  • Shelling attacks ignore monster armor, dealing more damage
  • Strong physical attacks in addition to shelling attacks
  • Long reach, capable of hitting tall or even flying monsters
  • One of the best weapons for guarding


  • Shelling attacks use up a lot of sharpness
  • Reduced mobility when the gunlance is unsheathed
  • Need to monitor ammo during battle

A-Tier Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

MHR dual blades


  • Great elemental damage application
  • Awesome mobility and speed
  • Useful against large monsters
  • Offers demon and archdemon modes, which increase your DPS


  • Heavy stamina usage
  • Short reach
  • Loses sharpness very quickly

MHR bow


  • Strong charged shots
  • Great mobility
  • Versatile choice of ammo coatings


  • Heavy stamina usage
  • You need to aim your shots well and play with precision
  • Low defence
  • Mediocre switch skills

MHR sword & shield


  • Great for applying elemental damage and status ailments
  • High hit-count per combo
  • Perfect rush, while difficult to land, has one of the highest DPS rates of any move from any weapon
  • You can stun/knock out monsters with your shield
  • You can use items without sheathing your weapon
  • Offers guarding options with the shield


  • You can easily be flinched by other players in co-op, messing up your combos, so level three flinch-free is important, monopolizing some of your decoration slots
  • Short reach limitations, especially on tall or airborne monsters, though if you get the hang of jumping moves, this can be countered

MHR hammer


  • Can reliably stun and stagger monsters
  • High damage per hit
  • Great mobility for a large, impactful weapon
  • Good for breaking parts like claws, legs, faces etc.


  • Short reach without silkbind attacks
  • Long combos that can be tricky to time
  • Can’t sever tails
  • No guard

MHR light bowgun


  • High mobility
  • Versatile, with great utility all around
  • Capable of rapid fire with certain builds
  • Has a great evade reload slide, allowing you to dodge monsters while stocking up on ammo
  • Firepower is very strong


  • Nerfed sticky and slicing ammo, decreasing overall damage
  • No guarding option

Monster Hunter Rise tier list B-tier weapons

MHR heavy bowgun


  • High damage
  • Guarding options


  • Low mobility
  • Nerfed ammo
  • Distance problems that are tricky to manage
  • Requires lots of micro-management across ammo, overheat metres, mobility, distances, and skills

MHR lance


  • Great guarding options
  • Good reach, capable of hitting tall and airborne monsters
  • Has some counter-attacks


  • Underwhelming damage, even after recent buff
  • Combos are easily interrupted
  • Very limited mobility – perhaps the worst in the game

This tier list provides a comprehensive ranking of the A and B-tier Monster Hunter Rise Weapons. It is important to note that the game’s balance and weapon rankings may change with future updates or patches, so this list is accurate as of the time of writing. 

However, each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately, the best weapon is the one that you enjoy using and are most comfortable with.

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