Best Supers List From Brawl Stars 2023

In this ranking, we’ve listed six outstanding supers and turned it into a best supers list from Brawl Stars. And organized them based on their capabilities.

Magic Hand #6 Best Supers List

Magic Hand, brought to us by Gene, is the top super at the sixth position in the showdown! This remarkable ability permits you to adopt an offensive and strategic approach with Gene. It grants you the power to pull any adversary near, steal the finishing blow, and almost immediately recharge another super for the next move!

Game Changer #5

The top spot goes to Tara! Tara’s super is a real game-changer. Proper usage will always secure a kill either by pulling someone in or utilizing it for your healing shade during combat. The super may require a bit more time to recharge. When deploying your super for a kill, move closer to your target until your super reaches the designated location to deal much more consistent damage and nearly instantaneously recharge another super!

Tara’s super is also one of the most impactful in Brawl Ball! A well-directed super can annihilate an entire team, recharge another super, and provide a clear chance for an effortless goal with your squad! That get her the prestigious number fifth place in this best supers list from brawl stars.

Vault #4

Edgar’s top super is Vault! This amazing ability lets Edgar vault over walls and receive a temporary speed increase. Comparable to crow, but the real strength comes from the healing received from each punch! Entertaining and simple!

Edgar’s strength stems from this super, making it perfect for swift kills. While it doesn’t inflict damage, it doesn’t need to! His first star power augments your healing by 25% with every punch. The second one inflicts 1000 damage with each successful super! This earns him the gold spot of number four in this best supers list of Brawl Stars.

Swoop #3

Crow’s top super is Swoop! As one of the best-ever showdown brawlers, this super is exceptionally potent, inflicting substantial damage, and providing Crow with numerous possibilities. A well-aimed super can eliminate any opponent!

Once activated and landed, your super will unleash 14 daggers, each inflicting 448 damage. That’s a potential total of 7000 damage if perfectly landed on your adversary, an absolutely formidable and potent strategy if executed correctly.

Efficient and rapid use of Crow’s super is crucial for a successful game. Quick reflexes are needed to deploy the super for defense, inflicting significant damage on your opponent, potentially resulting in an immediate takedown!


best supers list

Byron’s super BZST is an all-encompassing treatment! Byron hurls a flask that simultaneously heals him and damages his adversaries, an effect further amplified by the number of power cubes – an absolutely dominant move! This super can be adapted to various situations, whether you’re playing offensively, defensively, or taking down tanks. The key is to use it at close range for damaging your adversary and healing yourself.

Byron’s star power significantly enhances his super, reducing opponents’ healing from any source by 50% for nine seconds! This invaluable feature provides a substantial edge in damage and healing in any combat! This earned Byron the second-best spot on this best supers list of Brawl Stars.

Smoke Bomb #1 in Best Supers List

Leon’s Smoke Bomb is the top super in a solo showdown! The capability to turn invisible is the most overpowered feature in the solo showdown, making it the best super to possess and use. Since no one anticipates it, it guarantees numerous effortless kills when used correctly! And this is why Smoke Bomb is at number one in this best supers list from Brawl stars.

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