Bethesda Starfield Release Date 2023

Starfield’s release date was first set for November 2022. But Bethesda said it would be out for 2023. Even so, we got a good look at the new open-world game during the Xbox and Bethesda event in the summer. Bethesda Starfield Release Date is now in the 2023 roster.

Starfield can potentially be one of the best PC games ever. At least that’s what we’re hoping for. We don’t know much about this open-world game, but now that we have Starfield’s release date, we are eager to dig up more news. Here’s all the information we have on Starfield so far.

Bethesda Starfield Release Date

The Starfield launch date as of now is September 6, 2023. Following the reveal in the ‘Official Launch Date’ trailer, which teases players with the prospect of discovering the ‘origin of everything’.

Bethesda Starfield Release Date

Initially, Starfield was expected to make its debut in the “first half” of 2023, as suggested by Microsoft’s Matt Booty. He also indicated it would come after Arkane’s Redfall release. However, Redfall is scheduled for a May launch. The likelihood of Starfield arriving within the first half of 2023 was always doubtful. Fans can look forward to an exclusive Starfield Direct on June 1. A showcase that promises an in-depth look at the game’s mechanics.

It is worth noting that Starfield was originally slated for a November 11, 2022 release. But in May 2022, Bethesda announced that the game’s launch would be pushed back to 2023. The official Starfield support page subsequently reaffirmed this, stating that the game would arrive in the first half of 2023. With the latest announcement, we can now confidently anticipate Starfield’s release in September.

Starfield Trailer

You can pre-order Starfield at select retailers only now. It’s currently available to pre-order via GameStop in the UK and GameStop in the US.

Here’s the new and visionary Starfield Trailer that shook us all.

Starfield Xbox Game Pass

Starfield will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass. Allowing subscribers to enjoy immediate access to Bethesda’s cosmic adventure right from the start.

There’s no need for Xbox Game Pass members to pre-order. And as with other titles from Microsoft-owned studios, they’ll likely have the option to pre-load Starfield before its official launch.

Starfield Xbox Exclusive

 Because Microsoft agreed to purchase Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, for a staggering $7.5 billion, Starfield is set to be an exclusive for Xbox and PC. 

Bethesda Starfield Release Date

In a blog post celebrating the acquisition, Xbox chief Phil Spencer expresses enthusiasm for Bethesda’s forthcoming games – “some revealed and numerous yet to be disclosed”, including Starfield.

Starfield Gameplay Updates

The Starfield announcement trailer first graced our screens back in 2018, and we got another taste with a teaser trailer in June 2021. We finally saw a more extensive gameplay showcase in June 2022 during the Xbox and Microsoft gameplay event.

The event featured footage of Starfield, offering glimpses of dialogue, persuasion mechanics, and space flight, along with commentary from Todd Howard. Excitingly, there are also rumors of a potential survival mode.

Bethesda Starfield Release Date

The gameplay demo kicked off on a bug-infested planet where players mine iron before venturing into the Kreet Research Lab. Here, we encounter the hostile Crimson Fleet faction, giving us a chance to see some Starfield weaponry, like the Grendel machine gun, in action. The combat bears a resemblance to Fallout 4, but without the VATS system.

We also meet the Starfield Constellation faction leader and other faction leaders, who discuss their respective goals. Additionally, we see more hostile aliens, from dinosaur-esque creatures to eldritch horrors lurking in abandoned facilities.

Gameplay Elements

Over the years, hints of familiar systems from Fallout and The Elder Scrolls have emerged. Confirmed gameplay elements include:

  • “Digipicking” lockpicking mechanics for doors and chests
  • High-risk item stealing from NPCs, as seen unsuccessfully in the gameplay reveal
  • A persuasion minigame that’s more complex than The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’s pie charts, aiming for no clear “right” answer
  • The ability to recruit and romance certain NPC companions
  • A robot companion named Vasco with similar functionality
  • Joining factions with independent questlines, unlike Fallout 4 where siding with some factions locked away others

The official launch date trailer revealed September 6 as the highly anticipated release date. The trailer also hinted at the overarching story of Starfield, suggesting the player’s quest to find “the source of it all” – whether that’s a god-like being or a mysterious cosmic entity remains to be seen.

Starfield Characters

Game director Todd Howard has shed light on the Starfield character creation tool, discussing the numerous Starfield backgrounds and traits that your astronaut can possess as they embark on a cosmic adventure. The gameplay reveals some Starfield skills and offers a quick overview of Starfield Research Laboratory projects.

Curious about Starfield dialogue? We have some comforting information. The game brings back the classic BGS silent protagonist, which is quite fitting considering the game boasts approximately 250,000 lines of dialogue.

Conversations will take place in first-person, with dialogue options presented as standalone sentences. A new persuasion system is introduced, where players can spend points in linked exchanges to achieve desired outcomes without overstaying their welcome.

Base Building and Spaceships

The demonstration also highlights Starfield base building, showcasing the ability to design and pilot your own spaceship. This vessel will be crucial for exploring the vast array of Starfield planets, with over 1,000 available according to Todd Howard.

In an IGN developer interview, Howard reveals that while Starfield uses some procedural generation, the team at Bethesda has handcrafted more content for this game than any other.

For more insight into the Starfield universe, Bethesda has shared concept art of some of the Starfield cities, including the game’s largest settlement, New Atlantis. These major settlements are just the tip of the iceberg, with numerous other towns and small metropolises waiting to be explored. Wondering about Starfield’s length? We’ve got some theories for you to peruse.

Starfield Multiplayer?

As for multiplayer in Starfield, the answer is a resounding no. Todd Howard confirmed this during a Develop: Brighton Digital conference session in 2020, specifically addressing Starfield multiplayer (or the absence thereof) around the 45-minute mark.

With the Starfield release date now known, it’s time to scour every inch of the known universe for more details – or simply wait for the Starfield Direct in June.

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