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Black Mesa is a thrilling first-person shooter game, released in 2020, where you take on the role of a theoretical physicist tasked with the monumental duty of saving both your science team and the world from an alien invasion.

As you journey through the 19 engaging chapters of Black Mesa, you will encounter various enemies that you must defeat while wearing a hazard suit that provides some level of protection.

To spice things up, Black Mesa also offers a multiplayer mode where you can team up with friends. There’s even an option to customize the game through the creation of your own maps, mods, and models. Thanks to its state-of-the-art graphics, the game promises a captivating gaming experience, playable on both Windows and Linux PC.

In order to help you on your mission, here are some handy Black Mesa cheat codes you can use.

black mesa

Black Mesa Item Cheats

Item CheatsDescription
AirtankGives you an air tank
AntidoteProvides an antidote
BatteryGives you a battery
HealthkitProvides a health kit
HealthvialGives you a health vial
LongJumpEnables a long jump
Soda CanGives you a soda can
SuitProvides a suit (HEV)

Black Mesa Weapon Cheats

When it comes to weaponry, the game offers a broad selection of armaments that you can get using these cheat codes:

Weapon CheatsDescription
357Gives you a 357 (Magnum) weapon
9mm arRewards you with a 9mmar weapon
9mm handgunGives you a 9mm handgun
CrossbowRewards you with a crossbow
CrowbarGives you a crowbar
EgonRewards you with an egon weapon
Frag GrenadesGives you frag (grenades)
GlockRewards you with a glock
GluonGives you a gluon weapon
Hand GrenadeRewards you with a hand grenade
HivehandGives you a hivehand weapon
Hornet GunRewards you with a hornet gun
MP5Gives you an MP5 weapon
Quantum DestabilizerRewards you with a quantum destabilizer
RPGGives you an RPG weapon
SatchelRewards you with a satchel weapon
ShotgunGives you a shotgun
SnarkRewards you with a snark weapon
TauGives you a tau weapon
TripmineGives you a tripmine weapon

Black Mesa Ammo Cheats

Ammunition is as important as the weapon itself. Here are some cheat codes to keep your weapons loaded:

Ammunition CheatsDescription
357Gives you 357 ammo
9mm arProvides you with 9mmar ammo
9mm boxGives you 9mmbox ammo
9mm ClipProvides you with 9mmclip ammo
ar grenadesGives you argrenades ammo
BuckshotProvides you with buckshot ammo
CrossbowGives you crossbow ammo
EgonProvides you with egonclip ammo
Gauss ClipGives you gaussclip ammo
Glock ClipProvides you with glockclip ammo
MP5 ClipGives you mp5clip ammo
MP5 GrenadesProvides you with mp5grenades ammo
RPG ClipGives you rpgclip ammo

Black Mesa Map/Level Cheats

To easily navigate through the game’s different levels or maps, you can use these console commands:

Map/LevelConsole Commands
Black Mesa Inboundbm_c0a0c, bm_c0a0b, bm_c0a0a
We’ve Got Hostilesbm_c1a3c, bm_c1a3b, bm_c1a3a
Blast Pitbm_c1a4e, bm_c1a4d, bm_c1a4c, bm_c1a4b, bm_c1a4a
Unforseen Consequencesbm_c1a1e, bm_c1a1d, bm_c1a1c, bm_c1a1b, bm_c1a1a
Office Complexbm_c1a2c, bm_c1a2b, bm_c1a2a
Anomalous Materialsbm_c1a0b, bm_c1a0a
Power Upbm_c2a1b, bm_c2a1a
Lambda Corebm_c3a2h, bm_c3a2g, bm_c3a2f, bm_c3a2e, bm_c3a2d, bm_c3a2c, bm_c3a2b, bm_c3a2a
On a Railbm_c2a2a, bm_c2a2b, bm_c2a2c
Apprehensionbm_c2a3b, bm_c2a3a
Residue Processingbm_c2a4d, bm_c2a4c, bm_c2a4b, bm_c2a4a
Questionable Ethicsbm_c2a4h, bm_c2a4g, bm_c2a4f, bm_c2a4e
Surface Tensionbm_c2a5g, bm_c2a5f, bm_c2a5e, bm_c2a5d, bm_c2a5c, bm_c2a5a, bm_c2a4b
Forget About Freemanbm_c3a1b, bm_c3a1a

For those daring enough to venture into Xen, here are the map or level IDs:

Xen Map/LevelIdDescription
Gonarchbm_c4a2cOpens the area where Gonarch destroys a wall with her green goo attack
bm_c4a2bOpens the area which comes after jumping down after following Gonarch
Xenbm_c4a1c1Opens the houndeye bridge
bm_c4a1cOpens the alley before jumping down a big hole
bm_c4a1b1Opens the area where 3 rooms have to be solved to open up the path just before the big tree area
bm_c4a1bOpens the laboratory just before the explosive plant section
bm_c4a1a1Opens the Grotto before laboratory
Interloperbm_c4a3d1At the end of the elevator sequence shortly before teleporter to Nihilanth
bm_c4a3dSecond waste disposal area, before starting the elevator section
bm_c4a3c2Assembly line riddle, before going up the flesh trampolines
bm_c4a3c1Assembly line riddle, before controller ambush
bm_c4a3cBefore starting the assembly line riddle
bm_c4a3b2Shortly before arriving at the factory entrance, where the first jumping Alien Grunts spawn
bm_c4a3b1Another cave with green acid riddles
bm_c4a3bWhen encountering the grates that need to get molten by green acid
bm_c4a3a1After first controller fight, in the canyon

How to Use Black Mesa Console Commands?

Now, if you are a bit fuzzy on how to use these console commands in Black Mesa, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered:

  1. First, go to the library and right-click to open the properties option.
  2. Next, tap on the “Set Launcher Options” button.
  3. A “Type-console” text box will appear.
  4. Launch the game now and the console will appear.
  5. When your level is fully loaded, type “bind p toggleconsole”. You can replace “p” with any other alphabet.

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