BloodRayne Cheat Codes | New 2023

BloodRayne is a video game classic, launched in 2002, it has been revamped with exciting BloodRayne cheat codes. Its unique allure lies in its reimagined graphics and gameplay, designed to provide an unparalleled, seamless gaming experience.

Players will find themselves delving into a world where they are tasked to unearth hidden clues while avoiding imminent dangers.

BloodRayne Cheat Codes

Below is a table listing the currently active cheat codes for BloodRayne:

Cheat CodesDescription
INSANEGIBSMODEGOODActivates the Dismemberment cheat
DONTFARTONOSCARActivates the Enemies Freeze cheat
ANGRYXXXINSANEHOOKERActivates the Fill Blood Lust cheat
LAMEYANKEEDONTFEEDGrants Full Health cheat
JUGGYDANCESQUADActivates the Juggy Mode cheat
ONTHELEVELActivates Level Select cheat (Hold Shift while clicking New at main menu)
IWORKFORGODActivates the Lose Nearly All Health cheat
NAKEDNASTYDISHWASHERDANCEActivates the Time Factor cheat
BRIMSTONEINTHEBAYOUUnlocks the Secret Level cheat

Using BloodRayne cheat codes in BloodRayne Terminal Cut is fairly straightforward. The process involves heading to the options screen and there, combining word columns until a message pops up. Alternatively, you can directly use any of the provided combinations mentioned above.

bloodrayne cheat codes

This will activate the corresponding cheat and make your gameplay even more thrilling and captivating.

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