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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is an incredible side-scroller RPG that came out in 2019. It’s all about exploration and action, and folks were all over it from day one. Why? Well, it’s got a sick engine, eye-popping visuals, a rich storyline, and the kind of Metroidvania-style gameplay that gets gamers all hot and bothered.

So, you’ve been grinding in “Bloodstained Ritual of the Night” and starting to feel like you’re just running on a hamster wheel? You’ve already tried all the customization options and game modes more times than you can count?

But hang on, because it’s about to get really interesting. You see, the game’s modding community has been super busy bees, constantly bringing us updates, sorting out bugs, and adding cool new features.

And hey, they’ve even cooked up a bunch of cheat codes to really crank up the fun factor. Wanna unlock secret stuff? You got it!

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

Want to access features that are usually off-limits? No problem! With these cheat codes, you can score weapons, accessories, character upgrades, and a ton of customization options that make the game feel fresh and exciting all over again.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Cheats

AkumaThis code is used to get the Dominus Weapon.
BIGHEADBig Head Cheat.
8MEGAPOWERThis code is used to get the sega power strip weapon.
NIGHTMAREThis code is used to get the Sega power strip weapon.
DUNGEONITEThis code is used to get the Dungeonite Sword Weapon.
JEPSONThis cheat will give you a clockwork blade weapon.
ALPHAOMEGASINThis code is used to get the Darkness Descends weapon.
STEPHENPLAYSThis code is used to get the Sicilian Slicer weapon.
SPONGYVINEThis code is used to get the Vine Sword weapon.
TheSpeedGamersThis cheat will give you the Final Hour weapon.
EGGFARMGet the Guardian Egg Helm Head.
INTHEBATHROOMGet the Dumpling Helmet Head.
chuggaaconroyGet the Space Helmet Head.
Jarvis MeowerGet Mega 64 Helmet Head.
AWESOMEVIDEOGAMESGet the “Big Moustache” accessory.
BULLFIGHTERGet “The Baz Mask” accessory.
TEAMFATGet the “A Kinda Funny Mask” accessory.
swimmingbirdThis code will give you the “Plague Doctor Face” accessory.
EgoraptorThis code is used to get the “Hey I’m A Grump” accessory.
GrumpsThis cheat will give you an “I’m Not So Grump” accessory.

Enable Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Cheats

But, how do you flip the switch on these cheat codes? It’s simple. All you gotta do is change the names of your saved game files.

One quick heads-up though – these cheat codes are super picky about capital and lowercase letters, and you can only use one cheat code per save file. Once you’ve got your cheat code in, you’ll hear a little ding or something that lets you know it’s game on!

So, there you go. With these cheat codes, you’re ready to dive back into “Bloodstained Ritual of the Night” and have a blast.

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