Borderlands Legends Review

Borderlands Legends is a spinoff of the popular Borderlands series, but with a twist. It takes inspiration from the strategy genre and allows players to control all four party members at once from an overhead RTS-style perspective. The game features the same fearsome foursome from the original Borderlands. But with a completely different gameplay experience. In this article, we’re gonna do a Borderlands Legends Review.

Borderlands Legends iOS game was out on October 31, 2012, and people gave mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Now it’s our turn to critique this new addition to the Borderland Legendary Collection.

Borderlands Legends Gameplay Review

The gameplay in Borderlands Legends is both fun and frantic. Players simply tap and drag to move Brick, Lilith, Mordecai, or Roland around the arena-style environments. Each character unlocks three special abilities that can be activated on a cool-down via buttons in the corner of the screen.

Each wave-based challenge has gamers firing off cooldowns at the right moment. Maneuvering Brick into position to tank enemies, and frantically getting Mordecai the sniper away from the front lines.

The touch interface is generally very intuitive, but there are some downsides. Characters will often ignore simple commands or get confused by them.

All four have trouble pathing around the cover. So players may find themselves issuing the same move command repeatedly or using shorter, simpler move commands. Bugginess aside, it’s great to give Brick a shotgun loaded with explosive rounds. And see it rip through packs of enemies in an explosion of yellow numbers.

Borderlands Legends was out for PC after some time, but the gameplay remained the same. It is not yet available on PS4. But fans of the Borderlands series can still enjoy this Legendary Collection on PS4. This collection includes Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Borderlands Legends Review

Borderlands Legends Review – Story

Unfortunately, Borderlands Legends has no storyline to speak of. Each mission is a random selection of single-screen arenas and enemies that scale with your party. Although there is moment-to-moment fun to be had, this structure makes the entire experience feel a little pointless.

When your party, the loot, and enemies all scale up together at the same pace and all the missions feature the same infinitely-remixed collection of battle rooms. It doesn’t give the player much incentive to keep diving back in for more.

Borderlands Legends Review – Graphics

The graphics in Borderlands Legends are decent, with bright colors and a cartoonish style that’s a reflection of the original Borderlands. The action is fast-paced, with lots of explosions and special effects.

Borderlands iOS HUD interface is also well-designed and minimal. With some easy-to-see icons and buttons that don’t get in the way of the action.

Borderlands Legends Review


The sound in Borderlands Legends is good, with lots of explosions and gunfire to keep things exciting. The voice acting is also decent, with the original voice actors reprising their roles. But there’s not much in the name of the soundtrack, which can make the game feel a little empty sometimes.

Is Borderlands Legends replayable?

Borderlands Legends does have some replayability, as each character has a single skill tree to put points into as their party levels up. However, players can level up indefinitely, so eventually, every single skill point will be completely full with extra points to spare. The random and repetitive nature of the missions also makes the game feel less replayable, as there’s not much variety in the challenges.

We had Borderlands Legends in 2012, and it’s unlikely that we will see a sequel anytime soon. However, fans of the series can still enjoy the Borderlands Legendary Collection, which includes the first three games in the series.

Borderlands Legends Review


In conclusion, Borderlands Legends is a good idea dragged down by its inconsistent execution and lack of content. The overhead action-strategy Borderlands has a tremendous amount of potential, but it’s easy to feel let down by the game’s random and repetitive nature and technical issues.

While the touch interface is generally very intuitive and the graphics are decent, the lack of a storyline and soundtrack makes the game feel a little empty at times. Borderlands Legends is worth a try for true Borderland fans, but it’s just short of being a must-play title.

If you’re a Borderlands fan and are looking for something fun to play, the Borderlands Legendary Collection is a great option. It includes the first three games in the series and provides hours of entertainment. The Borderlands Legendary Collection is available on PS4 right now.

Even though Borderlands Legends is not the best game in the Borderland series, it’s still worth a try for fans of the original game. 

The game’s unique gameplay style and fun mechanics make it a game to fill boredom.

So, if you’re really looking for a time-killer with somewhat of a good story and gameplay, which means a good time, Borderlands Legends is the way to go.

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