Brawlhalla Tier List: Best Character

Hey, Brawlhalla fans! With so many unique Legends available in the game, finding your ideal hero may seem like an impossible feat. This Brawlhalla tier list will help you out.

And if you’re new to Brawlhalla characters – don’t fret. We have you covered with our Brawlhalla Tier List that highlights all of our best Brawlhalla characters. We’ll also list their weapons to help ensure you dive into action confidently and stylishly.

At Brawlhalla, rising through the ranks can be challenging. Becoming acquainted with your characters and honing their skills is a key part of that process.

Brawlhalla Tier List

But with such a vast roster available to us all, determining who deserves our time may seem daunting at first. But don’t despair dear brawler. We’re here to help narrow down your options and locate Legends that best match your playing style.

So stop being an all-arounder who cannot master anything. Let’s focus on honing our skills in particular and becoming formidable opponents. Let’s delve into our Brawlhalla Characters Tier List to identify those top fighters who will get you crushing victory quickly.

Best Legends in Brawlhalla Tier List

The list below will assign a tier to every Legend in Brawlhalla with S being the highest and D being the lowest.

SArcadiaSpear, Greatsword
SOnyxGauntlets, Cannon
STerosAxe, Hammer
SJaeyunGreat Sword, Sword
SMagyarGreat Sword, Hammer
SMakoGreat Sword, Katars
SScarletHammer, Rocket Lance
SKojiBow, Sword
SEzioSword, Orb
SDaimioScythe, Gauntlets
SThe RockHammer, Katars
SRaphaelKatars, Axe
SSnake EyesSword, Blasters
SPetraGauntlets, Orb
ABodvarHammer, Sword
AArtemisScythe, Rocket Lance
ACaspianKatars, Gauntlets
AAzothBow, Axe
ASentinelHammer, Katars
ALin FeiKatars, Cannons
ALord VraxxRocket Lance, Blasters
AThorHammer, Orb
ATezcaBattles Boots, Gauntlets
AKorGauntlets, Hammers
AZarielGauntlets, Bow
AWu ShangGauntles Spear
BVectorRocket Lance, Bow
BQueen NaiSpectre, Craters
BLukeBlasters, Gauntlets
BKenGauntlets, Orb
BBarrazaHammer, Blasters
BCrossBlasters, Gauntlets
BKing KnightRocket Lance, Sword
BPlague KnightGauntlets, Katars
BEnchantressScythe, Orb
BFinnAxe, Sword
BJakeGauntlets, Hammer
BJohn CenaSword, Spear
BBecky LynchHammer, Spear
BThe UndertakerHammer, Orb
BAmethystCannon, Axe
BPearlSpear, Bow
BDarylBow, Katars
BAkumaGauntlets, Sword
BMichelangeloGauntlets, Sword
BStorm ShadowBow, Sword
BLeonardoSword, Scythe
BCassidyBlasters, Hammer
BOrionRocket Lance, Spear
BGnashHammer, Spear
BThatchSword, Blasters
BAdaBlasters, Spear
BEmberBow, Katars
BDianaBlasters, Bow
BValGauntlets, Sword
BRagnirKatars, Axe
BSidraCannon, Sword
BXullCannon, Axe
BKayaSpear, Bow
BRaymanAxe, Gauntlets
BVectorRocket Lance, Bow
CRenoBlasters, Orb
CMuninBow, Scythe
CShovel KnightHammer, Spear
CXavier WoodsHammer, Sword
CAsukaSpear, Katars
CRoman ReignsAxe, Hammer
CStevonnieGauntlets, Sword
CGarnetGauntlets, Orb
CHeatblastBlasters, Spear
CLara CroftBow, Blasters
CMichonneBow, Sword
CNeganSword, Greatsword
CMaggieAxe, Sword
CPoGauntlets, Spear
CTigressKatars, Sword
CDonatelloScythe, Spear
CM. BisonHammer, Orb
CSakuraKatars, Cannon
CHattoriSword, Spear
CSir RolandRocket Lance, Sword
CLucienKatars, Blasters
CBrynnAxe, Spear
CUlgrimAxe, Rocket Lance
CJhalaSword, Axe
CMirageScythe, Spear
DNixScythe, Blasters
DMordexScythe, Gauntlets
DYumikoHammer, Bow
DIsaiahCannon, Blaster
DJiroSword, Scythe
DDuskSpear, Orb
DFaitScythe, Orb
DVolkovScythe, Axe
DBlack KnightRocket Lance, Spear
DSpecter KnightScythe, Blasters
DGloboxBlasters, Hammer
DBarbaraAxe, Spear
DHellboyBlasters, Gauntlets
DNimueSpear, Orb
DGruagachAxe, Hammer
DPrincess BubblegumRocket Lance, Blasters
DMacho ManAxe, Rocket Lance
DDiamondheadGauntlets, Katars
DFour ArmsGauntlets, Hammer
DTai LungScythe, Gauntlets

Now that you know about the top Legends in Brawlhalla, it’s time to step into the arena and demonstrate what you have.

Remember – practice makes perfect! Keep building up those combos until soon enough you’ll be brawling alongside some of Brawlhalla’s greatest Legends – may the best Legend win.

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