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The debate over whether it was an asteroid or environmental shift that destroyed ancient beasts, may forever remain unresolved. But Chop Chop Kicker clearly demonstrates is that our early human predecessors engaged in a recreational activity that involved kicking dinosaurs across vast stretches of prehistoric terrain. This is an indisputable truth worthy of earning you an A in your history class.

Chop Chop Kicker is a game falling under the category of catapult-style gameplay. In it, the caveman character from Chop Chop Caveman uses his head, quite literally, to propel a miniature dinosaur into the air.

As the player, you’re then tasked with keeping the dinosaur airborne by guiding it towards certain creatures that provide a lift, while avoiding others and any stationary objects that may hinder its glorious flight.

The aim of Chop Chop Kicker is to establish a record, break it, share your triumph on OpenFeint, and accumulate coins to enhance your abilities.

chop chop kicker

The game’s controls are intriguing, with your finger embodying a rainbow-colored magic marker that outlines a trajectory for the dinosaur during flight. However, the marker’s ink drains quickly, limiting the distance you can plan ahead. By guiding the dinosaur to items like jellybeans and eggs, you can replenish the marker’s ink.

Chop Chop Kicker Mechanics & Music

Mastering Chop Chop Kicker is as simple as a slice of pterodactyl pie, but the pursuit of bettering your high scores can turn into a captivating challenge over time. The game offers a delightful diversion for a few hours, thanks in part to its charming design. It boasts crisp, cartoon-style graphics, with several different backgrounds to unlock as you amass coins. 

The music is appealing and intermittently fades to prevent repetitiveness. The sound effects are a delight; the marker rattles upon stopping a line, creating a sound that’s incredibly pleasing to the ear.

However, despite the enjoyable aspects of the game, including the marker feature and its accompanying sound effects, Chop Chop Kicker might fall short in content for those who’ve exhausted their interest in catapult-style games. It’s a missed opportunity as the potential for more depth certainly exists.

There are options to purchase various dinosaurs and game backgrounds, but they seem to serve as mere visual enhancements. Even the power-up upgrades can seem lackluster compared to more comprehensive catapult games such as Fly Kiwi, Fly.

Chop Chop Kicker serves well as a temporary diversion, providing enough enjoyment for a short period of engagement. Additionally, it can be considered a well-informed exploration of early human life. Truly!

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