Cocaine Business in GTA 5 Online – Complete Guide

This guide will show you How to own a Profitable Cocaine Business in GTA 5 Online. For the cocaine business, you need to purchase MC Clubhouse and choose a lockup location in the game. For maximum profit, gather supplies, upgrade your equipment, and sell the cocaine. Make sure to upgrade your Security Upgrades in order to prevent raids.

Cocaine Business in GTA 5 Online

Cocaine Business is a simple and profitable business in GTA 5 Online. You can make a lot of money by owning MC Clubhouse. Start by purchasing the MC Clubhouse at the Maze Bank. At this location, you can buy the cocaine lockup. You can make a lot of money with the Cocaine Business once you own the MC Clubhouse.

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Choose the Cocaine Lockup Location

Once you have purchased the MC Clubhouse, go to the club office and find the PC. Click the Cocaine tag located on the left. There are four options for the cocaine lockup location. 

Alamo Sea, the most affordable option, is recommended. The Morningwood location is also available, but this one will cost you the most.

Similar to Other MC Businesses

The Cocaine Business is run in a similar way to other MC Businesses. Gather supplies and then your workers will turn them into the product. Afterward, you will sell your product to earn money.

Supplies for Cocaine Business

It is important to ensure that you have a sufficient supply of material for cocaine in GTA 5 Online. You can obtain supplies in two ways. First, you can steal them by completing simple missions. 

All you need to do is steal the vehicle or snatch the package that is carrying the supplies. After that, take the packages to your cocaine lockup. Second, you can buy the supplies.

Purchase the Supplies

If you play the game solo, you will receive only one bar for each mission. But if you have four friends with you, you can get four bars. For fast progress, it’s best to play with your friends. You’ll need enough funds to purchase supplies for your business.

It’s easy to buy supplies. Just click “Buy Supplies”, confirm your choice, and you will have your supplies.

Increase Productivity 

You can improve your business operations by upgrading the equipment. You can upgrade your equipment, security, and staff by visiting the ‘Buy Upgrades’ section. The equipment and personnel upgrades will improve production speed by allowing workers to convert the supplies into finished products more efficiently. Upgrades can help your business grow faster and increase its productivity.

Value Increase with Upgrades

Upgrades are important factors in increasing profits in your cocaine business. The maximum value for a cocaine lockup without any upgrades is $200,000. One upgrade will increase the value to $240,000 and two upgrades to $280,000. It is recommended that upgrading the staff comes first because it costs less. 

Cocaine businesses can make cocaine in 8 hours and 15 minutes without upgrades. With one upgrade, this time is reduced to 6 hours and 30 minutes. And with two upgrades it’s even less. Upgrades for your cocaine business can increase your production and profits.

Sell Your Cocaine in GTA 5 Online

Sell your cocaine now to earn money. If you play with a friend you can sell your entire stock of cocaine easily. It’s best to only sell half of your stock if you play solo. To start the mission, choose a bike and deliver the cocaine. 

When you play a solo game, the mission usually takes about 30 minutes. In a full lobby, you’ll receive a 1% bonus from each player. Selling your stock of cocaine will maximize your earnings.

Importance of Security Upgrade

It’s essential that you have the Security Upgrade to prevent frequent raids. Without it, you will get raids every three hours. With it, the raid will occur every six hours. A raid will notify you that someone has stolen your product. 

Recover the goods that were stolen and return them to the business. Remember that if you are killed during this process, all of your goods will be lost. 

This is it, for running a profitable cocaine business in GTA 5 Online. Want more tips & tricks for your favorite games? Visit our Tips & Tricks Page by clicking here.

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