Colony Survival Console Commands (Cheats)

In the captivating world of Colony Survival, a unique colony-building game that took the world by storm in 2017, you begin from nothing.

Your journey sees you forging your own empire, battling against fellow players and formidable monsters in a variety of scenarios. This dynamic game boasts multiple levels of difficulty, stretching from the casual gamer to the hardened strategist. The elaborate building mechanics, which include constructing bridges, underpasses, and tunnels, infuse the game with an engaging depth, ensuring its replayability.

Your task in Colony Survival is to build a thriving colony and an efficient infrastructure by attracting and recruiting new colonists to your cause. Despite the graphics’ simplistic nature, they contribute to the charm and appeal of the game, making it all the more engrossing.

The developers had the foresight to include cheat codes for those who want to fast-forward their progress or reach advanced stages of the game with ease. These cheat codes can be used to summon items, access loot, or transport your character from one spot to another instantaneously.

colony survival

How to Use Colony Survival Cheats?

To get started with these shortcuts, you must first press the “T” key to open the game’s command line. Enter the “/cheats on” code to enable the entire suite of cheats. Once this initial code has been activated, all other cheat codes become accessible.

Here’s a simple table listing some of the key cheat codes in Colony Survival:

/teleport bannerTeleports your character to your banner
/teleport x y zTeleports your character to a specific area
/time add #Changes the in-game time
/loot ItemGrants you a specified item (insert item name in the syntax)
/setflight trueBestows your character with the ability to fly
/cheats onActivates the cheat codes in single-player mode

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