Add Friends on Steam | Complete New Guide For 2023

If you are looking for How to Add Friends on Steam then you are at the right place. With this informative guide, you will learn to avoid common blunders when adding friends to Steam.

Add Friend Button

Start by opening your Steam Client and finding the Friends & Chat option in the lower right corner. A pop-up window will appear showing your current and pending friend requests. Next to this option is an Add Friend button.

Friend Invitation Options

After selecting “Add Friend”, a new window will pop-up with various options for inviting friends via links, searching for them and other options as shown in the image below.

Search for Friends

If you would like to search for friends, click on the Go Search button within the Search for Friends section and navigate directly to a screen where you can search using only their nickname as opposed to username.

Add Friends on Steam

Select the Add Friends on Steam

Once you’ve discovered someone to add as a friend, simply select the Add Friend option. If their account is public, click their profile link for more information about their life and interests. 

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