Complete Guide on How to Mute Players in GTA 5 Online

If you are looking for How to mute players in GTA 5 Online then you are at the right place.

Discover how to mute players in GTA 5 using this guide. If someone annoys you or plays annoying music, or plays music that bothers you too much, muting individual people or the entire lobby is possible.

Mute Players in GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 makes muting someone effortless. When dealing with players who disturb your gameplay with disruptive noises or make you uncomfortably uncomfortable with unwanted sounds, simply use the mute option to block their hearing as well as prevent their hearing of you – two effective measures at your disposal.

First Method

The first method involves muting everyone in the game. Simply go into your menu and select Voice Chat. From there, you can opt to hear no one and thus cut off all communication in both directions.

Second Method

If someone keeps interrupting your solo mission and becoming bothersome, one quick solution is to mute them all at once. 

This method allows you for targeted mutes by opening your online player’s list and finding out who is speaking; animated lines will appear indicating this person.

By clicking their name, a Toggle Mute option will be revealed. Simply click it, and animated lines will transform into dots followed by an X indicating they have now been muted; their voice won’t reach your ears anymore but you will still be able to watch them talk.

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