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Countries Of The World Trivia


Countries of the World is an educational game that teaches you where all countries in the world are located. Geography can be hard to memorize but with this map game, you will learn all of your countries in no time. There are 3 levels of this online game to help you study for the next big exam or if you want to just brush up on your geography skills.

Each level contains 30 questions regarding each country you need to identify. You need to pass a certain amount of questions in order to advance to the next level. Don’t worry, though, this is an educational game so it teachers you when you get the answer wrong. Show off to your friends or study for your geography class using this fun and educational game!


To play this map game, you be asked to identify a country. Click on the answer, and if it is correct you will be prompted to the next question. If it is wrong, you get two more tries. On the third try, the map will highlight the correct answer for you to select. The correct answer will remain highlighted and this question will not be asked again for that game session. The scoring for this map game starts at 100 points, and points are removed for every wrong answer.


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