Cricket 24: Pre-Order Now or Buy on October 5

Big Ant Studios, the makers of the popular “Cricket” franchise, have made an important announcement.

Their newest offering, “Cricket 24”, is all set to hit the market on October 5, 2023. Although this is a slight delay from their initial timeline, there is a silver lining.

The developers promise a bonanza of features and enhancements that should compensate for the wait.

The Reason For Delay

If you’re a diehard fan of the series, you might remember one constant gripe: the limited scope of authenticity. While teams and venues from England and Australia were well represented, the game didn’t quite satiate the appetite of fans from the Indian subcontinent, where cricket is almost a religion.

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“Cricket 24” seeks to change that.

The game developers assure more real-world elements than ever before. This aspiration to increase authenticity is the primary cause behind the delay. They’re taking their time to incorporate these updates and ensure they’re just right.

As long as there are no further hiccups, gamers can look forward to diving into “Cricket 24” come October 5, 2023.

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Emphasizing the Ashes Rivalry

The game will be playable on various platforms including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. The developers further tease a broader roster of licensed teams and stadiums than any previous versions, expanding its appeal.

Traditionally, the “Cricket” series has primarily been geared towards fans of English and Australian cricket. However, “Cricket 24” isn’t shying away from that.

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It’s continuing to highlight the Ashes, the historic rivalry between these two cricketing giants. Players can create their versions of this long-standing competition in the game. But that’s not all; the game is broadening its horizons to incorporate several global T20 leagues.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) In Cricket 24

Exciting additions to the game include the Pakistan Super League, the Caribbean Premier League, and The Hundred. While the entire Indian Premier League might not feature as a competition, expect to see some of its high-profile teams fully licensed.

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In total, the game will feature more than 200 real-life players, brought to life with photogrammetry, and over 50 authentic stadiums globally.

Cricket 24 Release Date and Platforms

Mark your calendars for October 5, 2023, as “Cricket 24” will be ready to roll on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Nintendo Switch enthusiasts, don’t fret; you’ll be able to join in on the fun from November 2023. There’s another sweet deal for fans.

If you purchase the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you can upgrade to the next-gen console version for free.

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But Big Ant Studios isn’t stopping at that. They’re committed to making the gaming experience more social and interactive. They’re ensuring that you can enjoy a session with your pals, regardless of the gaming platform you own, thanks to full crossplay across all game modes.

The introduction of “The Academy” feature allows you to share your unique creations with the larger community.

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The gameplay itself is receiving some major overhauls. A revamped fielding system promises to make the in-game action more realistic. Additionally, the career mode, a favorite among many players, is set to receive a comprehensive upgrade.

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In a nutshell, Big Ant Studios seems committed to making “Cricket 24” a landmark game in the franchise.

With a slew of new features, gameplay improvements, and an effort to appeal to cricket enthusiasts globally, “Cricket 24” appears to be shaping up well. While the delay might be a slight damper, it seems like the end product will be well worth the wait.

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Q1. Can I Play Cricket 24 on PC?

A1. Yes, you can play Cricket 24 on any gaming platform as it’s cross-platform compatible, meaning players on many devices can play with one another.

The game will be released on October 5 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC while the Nintendo Switch version will come out later in November. It is currently available for pre-order for Rs 4,299.

Q2. How much does Cricket 24 cost?

A2. On, you can pre-order Cricket 24 for a staggering $99.95.

Q3. How many GB Will Cricket 24 take on PC?

A3. Even though the game’s file size is still unknown but it’s speculated that it will take more than 60GB on your PC’s hard drive. So, make sure you have some space before you buy it.

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