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Crossword Champ is a popular puzzle game with a lot of fans around the world. Crossword Champ is an online game that you play to test your vocabulary and spelling skills. Today, we have some tricky Crossword Champ Cheats for you to impress your friends.

It’s basically a time-killer and an enjoyable exercise. In Crossword Champ, players are given a series of clues, and they have to fill in the corresponding words in a crossword puzzle grid.

Crossword Champ Overview

While some levels can be challenging, you can always use some tricky cheat codes to make the game easier and more enjoyable.

Cheat codes are shortcuts that allow you to bypass certain levels, get extra hints, or complete the game more quickly. In Crossword Champ, you can use cheat codes to reveal all the clues for a puzzle, instantly complete a puzzle, undo the last action taken, and many more.

One of the most popular cheat codes for Crossword Champ is the “Instawin” code, which allows you to instantly complete a puzzle. This cheat code is particularly useful for you if you’re stuck on a difficult puzzle or simply want to progress to the next level quickly.

Another popular cheat code is “Randomize” which shuffles the letters on the board, making it easier for you to find words that you first couldn’t see.

Crossword Champ Cheats

How to Use Crossword Champ Cheats?

To use these Crossword Champ cheats, you need to input the codes into the game while you are playing. You can do this by tapping on a button or by entering a specific sequence of keystrokes.

Once the code has been entered, the game will respond accordingly, providing you with the desired outcome.

It is critical to note that not all cheat codes work on Crossword Champ. As some codes may have been disabled by game developers to prevent cheating.

While cheat codes can be a fun and useful way to make playing Crossword Champ more enjoyable, it is important to remember that cheating takes away from the challenge and satisfaction of completing a puzzle on your own.

You should use cheat codes sparingly and only when you are truly stuck or want to speed up your progress through the game. Lastly, be aware that using cheat codes may result in your disqualification from any official leaderboards or rankings of Crossword Champ.

Cheat CodeResult
GIVEMECLUESReveals all the clues for the puzzle.
INSTAWINInstantly completes the puzzle.
UNDOUndo the last action taken.
DOUBLEHINTProvides two hints for the price of one.
RANDOMIZEShuffles the current letters on the board.
UPPERCASEMakes all letters on the board uppercase.
LOWERCASEMakes all letters on the board lowercase.
SOLVEWORDAutomatically solves the current word.
FILLWORDFills in a blank word with the correct letters.
TIMEBOOSTAdds extra time to the puzzle.
JUMBLEShuffles the letters in a word.
SKIPWORDSkips the current word in the puzzle.
FREERESPINAllows you to spin again without losing a turn.
WORDFINDERFinds all the possible words on the board.
POINTBOOSTIncreases your score.
DOUBLESCOREDoubles your current score.
TRIPLETEXTTriples the score of the current word.
RESETBOARDResets the board to its original state.
FILLBLANKFills in a blank space with a random letter.
RESETTIMERResets the timer to its original time.
FREEHINTGives you a free hint.
NEWPUZZLEStarts a new puzzle.
SHUFFLEPUZShuffles the entire puzzle.
ADDLETTERAdds a random letter to the board.
REMOVELETRemoves a random letter from the board.
JUMPLEVELSkips to the next level.
FREESTYLELets you create your own puzzle.
UNLOCKWORDUnlocks a previously locked word.
SHOWWORDSReveals all the correct words on the board.

Crossword Champ Cheats – Verdict

In conclusion, Crossword Champ is an engaging and challenging word puzzle game that can provide hours of entertainment.

So, go ahead and enjoy Crossword Champ, but remember that cheating takes away from the game’s true value.

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