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Deathloop Xbox, the quirky time loop adventure by Arkane Lyon, had quite an unusual debut in 2021. It was a PS5 exclusive even though Microsoft had already acquired ZeniMax. Thanks to a pre-existing deal, Xbox fans had to wait patiently for this gem from their now-owned studio. But the wait is over! After a year of updates, Deathloop has finally landed on Xbox Series X and S with the shiny Goldenloop update. Plus, it’s now on subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra, making it a snap to get your hands on.

So, what’s it like on Xbox?

We dove back into Deathloop Xbox Series X, one year later, to see what goodies the game and Goldenloop update have in store. Although this port and the update don’t revamp Deathloop entirely, they don’t need to. Deathloop Xbox remains an imaginative and entertaining shooter. The biggest change? Now more people than ever can easily join the fun.

DeathLoop Xbox

The DeathLoop Xbox adventure

Deathloop remains the highly praised immersive game about a guy called Colt, who’s on a mission to take out eight “Visionaries” in a single day to break free from the time loop he’s trapped in on Blackreef island, just like it was in 2021. The PS5 edition of the game scored an impressive 88 on the video game review aggregate website Metacritic. Digital Trends wasn’t as smitten as others but still applauded the game’s world design and combat.

“Deathloop Xbox boldly tries new things, and many of them succeed,” said Giovanni Colantonio in a three-and-a-half-star review back in September 2021.

“It’s a fashionable action game that’s fun at every level. Players don’t have to pick between sneaky exploration and wild shootouts; they’re urged to approach a situation in as many ways as possible to create a flawless crime. The forced multiplayer part isn’t as effective, but it’s tough to fault Arkane Studios for attempting something new. Innovation comes with trial and error.”

DeathLoop Xbox

The essence of the game remains unchanged here. If you didn’t fall for the time loop mechanics and infusion systems that gave the game a slight roguelike feel when you first played, these core elements are the same.

However, fans who loved it or think they will enjoy it shouldn’t fret about the Xbox experience losing its charm. This version still looks fantastic and runs smoothly. With its distinctive 1960s modernist vibe, Deathloop Xbox stands out as one of the most fashionable current-gen exclusive games.

Playing on the Xbox Series X, the absence of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback makes the game less demanding on your hands. An update earlier this year also introduced a whole range of accessibility options to Deathloop Xbox that wasn’t available at launch.

These features are still present on Xbox, allowing players who couldn’t enjoy Deathloop Xbox at launch to have an easier time now.

I did experience one crash while playing, but we couldn’t recreate it, and it never happened again. In general, we expect most folks to have a smooth, glitch-free experience with Deathloop on Xbox, without missing anything crucial by not playing it on PlayStation. Plus, there’s even new content across all platforms.

Goldenloop Update Goodies

To mark Deathloop’s first birthday and its debut on Xbox, a special update called “Goldenloop” has been launched for all platforms.

While these features aren’t just for Xbox, they do spice things up for those trying Deathloop for the first time, even if it’s just a little.

First up is a cool new weapon and slab power to discover.

The HALPS Prototype is a laser weapon that’s super fun to zap enemies with, but since it needs batteries, it’s more of a quirky toy than some of Deathloop’s trusty weapons. On the other hand, the Fugue slab can puzzle enemies and eventually make them fight each other when upgraded, offering players more ways to play in this beautifully crafted world.

Players will also come across new two-in-one trinkets that merge existing ones, making Colt’s inventory less messy, and a new Paint Bomber enemy that’ll rush at you and explode if you don’t stay sneaky. Paint Bombers are a pain, so I always tried to take them down from a safe distance. Julianna players will love that Deathloop now features cross-play, so new Xbox players can have fun with their PS5 pals from 2021.

Julianna’s Masquerade ability also gets a boost, as it can target three NPCs at once, heal you while in use, automatically expose Colt if a targeted NPC spots him, and turn damage taken into energy.

The most eye-catching change is the extended ending, which adds some extra flavor to a story that wrapped up pretty quickly before.

It doesn’t fix Deathloop’s awkward family reveal between Colt and Julianna, but it offers more background on how the Visionaries reacted once Colt successfully breaks the loop in one of the game’s various endings.

The extended ending is like a cherry on top for a story filled with colorful and unforgettable characters, even if it doesn’t turn the Deathloop experience upside down.

Essentially, that’s how the whole Xbox launch of Deathloop feels.

The Goldenloop update doesn’t totally transform the game, so if you’ve already played it all on PS5 last year, don’t expect a brand-new experience.

However, for Xbox Game Pass subscribers who’ve never given Deathloop a whirl, this is a solid port and an all-inclusive version of one of 2021’s most inventive AAA games. Plus, it’s got a few fresh touches and cross-play and cross-progression support for those who want to revisit the game. 

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