Destiny 2 Lightfall – Final Boss Fight Gameplay

Greetings fellow gamers! Today, we’re thrilled to bring you a full gameplay video of a thrilling battle with the formidable campaign boss of Destiny 2: Lightfall, Calus.

In this long grinding fight, we’re fighting Calus, one of the most challenging and complex bosses in the game, in the legendary difficulty mode. We’ve put together this video only to help you get a feel for what it’s like to take Calus on and fight him in the game.

First, let’s set the scene.

This incredible battle starts in a vast, multi-layered arena that’s beautiful but also deadly. As soon as you enter, you’ll notice that Calus is a massive figure, towering over you and your fire team. He’s heavily armored and brandishing a colossal weapon, which is sure to keep you on your toes.

To win this fight without dying, you’ll need to keep circling Calus and not let him catch you. Calus is a known master of deception, and he’ll definitely use his deceptive tactics to try and throw you off.

He does this often. One moment he is throwing fireballs and whatnot and devastating you with his attacks, and the next he might be summoning an army of minions to distract you. And that’s not it. Calus does have a lot more tricks up his sleeves. (steel sleeves to be honest)

But nothing to worry about, because if you watch the above video, you’ll know just what to do when you face this beast.

And remember this fight is just like a rollercoaster ride. And that’s what an action game lover would want. Moreover, there are some tense moments of near-defeat, too.

But if you watch it till the end, you’ll know just how to tackle Calus and win this battle.

So let’s not get distracted, grab your controller and some snacks and let’s show Calus who’s boss!

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