Why Diablo 4 Patch Notes Dislike By Players?

Diablo 4’s upcoming season, called the Season of the Malignant, is set to launch tomorrow. 

However, fans are feeling quite tense as they anticipate its release.

Diablo 4 Patch Notes and Player Reactions

Blizzard has shared a detailed document of the Diablo 4 patch notes, consisting of approximately 6,600 words, which outline the changes made to Diablo 4’s classes and other aspects of the game. 

These changes include both buffs (improvements) and nerfs (weakenings). 

Unfortunately, the player community has expressed dissatisfaction with these adjustments, particularly those who play as Sorcerers.

Class Balancing and Specific Concerns

At first glance, it appears that the balance between buffs and nerfs for different classes is skewed, with a ratio of approximately 10 buffs to 1 nerf. 

However, this ratio can be a bit misleading. In reality, it means that at least four out of the five classes have experienced nerfs to their most powerful abilities. 

For example, the Hammer of the Ancients for Barbarians, Bone Spear for Necromancers, Werewolf Shred for Druids, and Ice Shards for Sorcerers have all been affected.

While some classes have alternative options that can still be effective, and some have even received clear buffs in certain areas (like the enhancements to Necromancer minions), the situation is not as favorable for Sorcerer players. 

They may have anticipated the nerf to Ice Shards, but it seems that the buffs to alternative abilities are not substantial enough, leaving the class in a challenging position.

The Impact of Neutral Nerfs in the Game

Players’ Strength and Enemy Encounter

In the recent updates, significant attention has been given to the neutral nerfs in the game. These nerfs specifically target aspects such as Vulnerable, Cooldown Reduction, and Critical Hit damage. 

Alongside the adjustments made to various character builds Blizzard has acknowledged that players were becoming too powerful, allowing them to effortlessly overcome more challenging enemies.

Effects on Damage and Survivability

Decreased Damage Output and Diminished Survivability

Players have started to notice a decrease in their damage output, leading to a perception that they are dealing less damage overall. 

However, a more prominent observation among players, including myself, is the worsening of survivability in the game. Notable reductions in certain Aspects, such as the one that boosts armor on hit, have become distinctly noticeable. 

Additionally, resistance mechanics remain flawed, providing minimal defensive benefits. Consequently, the feeling of vulnerability and increased susceptibility to defeat has become more prevalent, even if individual damage output has not drastically declined.

Personal Experience and Class Disparities

Barbarian and Twisting Blades Rogue

My HotA Barbarian has been affected by these changes. My character was able to deliver 6-8 million damage spikes in the past, but this has now been reduced due to a “bug” fix. 

Additionally, I have noticed a considerable increase in the damage I receive, making battles significantly more challenging.

On the other hand, my Rogue character remains largely unaffected. Even the Twisting Blades Rogue build, while not subjected to direct nerfs, has to adapt to the alterations in Vulnerable and Cooldown mechanics. 

Nevertheless, the impact on the Rogue class doesn’t seem as severe as it is on the Barbarian class.

Player Discontent with Recent Changes

The Unpopular Increase in Mystery Helltide Chest Cost

Among the various concerns players have expressed about recent game changes, one particular issue revolves around the increased cost of the Mystery Helltide chest, which now requires 250 cinders. 

This change has caused a significant drop in cinder collection, reducing it to around 30% of its previous levels. However, it has been confirmed by Blizzard that this decline is unintentional and will be fixed through a hotfix. 

Despite this clarification, players remain dissatisfied with the current state of the Helltides, as they are currently deemed useless until the correction is made.

Blizzard’s Response to Negative Feedback

An Emergency Campfire Chat

In light of the overwhelmingly negative feedback regarding the Diablo 4 patch notes, Blizzard has taken notice and decided to address the concerns through an emergency Campfire Chat scheduled for this Friday. 

This proactive approach demonstrates the significance Blizzard attaches to the situation. Director Joe Shely had previously mentioned that some nerfs would be implemented, but the extent of these changes seems to have surpassed players’ expectations. 

While it might be premature to pass final judgment, as it’s possible to identify weaker current builds, the abundance of buffs makes it difficult to ascertain if any new powerful builds have emerged as replacements. Only time will tell how the situation unfolds.


Q1. Is Diablo IV free?

A1. Diablo 4 can be played on different gaming platforms such as PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. You can get the game for $70.

Q2. How long did Diablo 4 take to develop?

A2. It took Blizzard Entertainment a grand total of over 6 long years to create the magnificent world of Diablo IV. Can you imagine the dedication and effort that went into crafting such a game? It’s truly awe-inspiring!

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