Digimon Rearise Tier List

Digimon Rearise is a mobile role-playing game released by Bandai Namco Entertainment that features a cast of both classic and newly created Digimon characters. Among the game’s playable Digimon, the central character is Herissmon, and the story focuses on the friendship and bonds between Digimon and tamers.

To engage in battle with other players, you can choose a team of five Digimon from the game’s roster. In this 5-on-5 style, you can test your skills and strategy in exciting combat scenarios. Digimon Rearise can be downloaded free of charge from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, providing a fun and engaging experience for mobile gaming enthusiasts.

In Digimon Rearise, the Digimon characters are grouped into five categories. The top-tier heroes of Group S include Creepymon and Piedmon, both of whom are exceptionally powerful and are highly recommended to be a part of any player’s team. In Group A, Boltmon and Gankoomon are the standout characters, offering great versatility and abilities that can be useful in any combat situation.

While still strong, the characters in Group B, such as Ebemon and Grandis Kuwagamon, don’t quite measure up to the effectiveness of those in Group S and A. Group C features characters like MetalEtemon and Rosemon, who are good choices but may not be as impactful as the higher-tiered Digimon. Finally, some of the weaker characters in Group D include Platinum Numemon and Prince Mamemon, who may not be the best choices for those seeking maximum effectiveness.

Tier S


Tier A

Mega GargomonMetal Garurumon
MinervamonNoble Pumpkinmon
SakuyamonWar Greymon

Tier B

Grandis KuwagamonEbemon
TitamonMarine Angemon
PhoenixmonMetal Seadramon
PuppetmonVenom Myotismon
Shine Greymon

Tier C

Metal EtemonRosemon

Tier D

Platinum NumemonPrince Mamemon


This one is a formidable Dark Demon Lord in the game, boasting immunity to poison and burn for himself and his allies. With his primary skill, he can inflict burning damage on all his enemies while also recovering up to 500 HP. In addition, he can deal a whopping 320% damage to two enemies simultaneously. His passive skill is also impressive, as it allows him to protect his allies from burn and poison while increasing his own power stats from 15 to 75%. Creepymon is an excellent addition to any purple team and can be a game-changer in tough battles thanks to his remarkable abilities. Moreover, he can absorb significant amounts of damage.


A tech-type Digimon character has a self-pinpoint rate that can increase up to 40%. He can deal 370% damage to two enemies simultaneously and blind them with his primary skill. Meanwhile, his sub-skill lets him deal 210% damage to three enemies with a 50% chance of blinding them. His passive skill enhances his self-pinpoint rate even further. Additionally, Piedmon is known for his excellent defensive capabilities, making him a valuable asset to any TAC or purple team.


A machine Digimon has a passive skill that increases the counterattack of all allies up to 205%. His primary attacking skill can deal 180% damage to enemies. With his sub-skill, Machinedramon can deal 260% damage to two enemies simultaneously, with a 55% chance of paralyzing them. These skills make Machinedramon a versatile character who can play an essential role in any team.

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