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Doom 2 is a timeless first-person shooting game where you step into the shoes of a solo soldier. Your mission? Battle your way through a legion of demons in a fiery underworld to prevent Earth from falling victim to an evil takeover.

The one-of-a-kind playstyle, coupled with high-speed, high-stakes action, makes this game a thrilling ride that’s hard for any player to put down.

Doom 2 Cheat Codes

FHSHHEnemies ignore you until you attack
IDBEHOLDAShow computer area map
IDBEHOLDISpawn an Invisibility powerup
IDBEHOLDLSpawn Light Amp Goggles
IDBEHOLDRSpawn a Radiation Suit
IDBEHOLDSSpawn a Berserk powerup
IDBEHOLDVSpawn an Invulnerability powerup
IDCHOPPERSReplace your fists with chainsaws
IDCLEV31Unlock the first secret level
IDCLEV32Unlock the second secret level
IDCLEVxxWarp to the specified level
IDCLIPEnable no clipping mode
IDDQDEnable God Mode
IDDTShow the entire map
IDFAGet all weapons, ammo, and mega armor
IDKFAGet all weapons, ammo, mega armor, and all keys
IDMUSxxChoose a BGM track
IDMYPOSShow your position in the code
doom 2

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