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In 2016, Doom was released again, giving the Doom series a much-needed refresh. This new edition mostly fixed the problems found in earlier games, and the game style took a lot of inspiration from the beloved Doom games from the 90s.

However, this doesn’t mean the game is flawless and can’t get any better. Although the game style was strong enough to bring the series back into the limelight, there isn’t much to say about playing it again as it tends to get monotonous quite soon. Plus, some tasks and missions are way too hard to try often, unless, of course, you’re playing with cheat codes.

Playing with cheat codes brings a whole new level of fun to the game. If you think the game is getting too samey, cheat codes can bring back the excitement by giving you special abilities like never-ending armor and weapons, changing the speed of the game, and even making you invincible.


Wondering how to turn on Doom Cheat Codes?

You can type them into the command console. To open the command console, type devMode_enable 1

After opening the console, you can access it by pressing either of these keys:

~ key
Ctrl + Alt + ~ Then, simply type your cheat codes into the console and press ENTER to use them.

But remember, when you use cheats like the God Command, your game will show a “Cheater” badge, and you won’t be able to play online. To avoid this, restart the game and load a new game or a game saved before using cheats. And remember, the cheat codes won’t work after updating the game, so think carefully before doing that.

Doom 2016 Cheats

God ModeThis cheat code is used to enable the God mode.
idaThis cheat code is used to get all the suit mod slots and suit mods.
idgkThis code helps you to kill the enemies by using glory kills.
idkaThis cheat code gives you access to every weapon and weapon mods in the game.
idkfaThis cheat is used to upgrade your health, armor, weapons, weapon mods, ammo capacity, suit mods and suit slots.
iddqdThis cheat code brings you unlimited health except for the hazards and retaliations.
iddtThis cheat will show all the unexplored areas and items.
idfaYou can upgrade your health, ammo and armor by executing this cheat.
FOV ChangeYou can alter the Field Of View with this cheat code.
Show FPSThis cheat is used to show the Frames Per Second on-screen.
Cheats ListThis code will list all the cvars commands.
Commands ListThis cheat is used to list all the commands.
Game Speed ChangeThis cheat code is used to increase or decrease the speed of the game.

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