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In Doom 3. In your space missions, you’ll encounter a lot of Doom 3 Locker Codes to open doors and lockers, obviously.

Finding these locker codes is sometimes more than impossible. When you need to enter a room and just because you don’t have Doom 3 Locker Codes, you can’t and thus ruining your mission and mood.

It can frustrate you quickly.

Also in Doom 3, as one of the scant survivors, you’ll need to harness a variety of weapons to defeat your adversaries in an eerie, frightful world. The game is packed with immersive and chilling sound effects and is available on both PC and Xbox platforms.

doom 3 locker codes

For your convenience, we have provided all the Doom 3 locker codes you’ll ever need to open every door and locker in whole game:

Doom 3 Locker Codes:

Locker NumberCodeDescription
001396Open Maintenance Locker
023531Open Energy Stabilization Unit
017347Open Infirmary
013586Open Alpha Labs Hallway
009752Open EPD Lab
038409Open MFS Compressor
039102Open Coolant Control Junction
047123Open Hazardous Materials Lift
048123Open Coolant Monitoring
049123Open EFR Staging Room 1B
064651Open EFR Master Valve
063972Open Power Access Core
054246Open Security Office
003483Open Monorail Access
054142Open Boarding Platform
078364Open Delta Checkpoint Storage
079364Open Delta Checkpoint Storage
112538Open Records Office
116972Open Delta Security
114715Open Operations Server Room
103259Open Maintenance Corridor
210298Open Delta Complex Storage Room 21-D
216624Open Specimen Research Lab
217624Open Specimen Research Lab
213371Open Stasis Transfer Control
606372Open Analysis Control
386836Open T1 Access
387836Open T1 Access
317841Open Terminal Office Storage
104579Open Delta 4 Security
452571Open Entrance Checkpoint
669468Open Lab A Upper Floors
Failure Code for Operations Terminal842Open Energy Processing
Weapons Storage584Open Combat Preparation
Martian Buddy Locker0508Open North Hallway
Plasma Storage Locker734Open Maintenance 3
Monorail Airlock Site 2 Junction 5 Airlock826Open Site 2 Boarding Platform
Storage Locker 21-D298Open Delta Labs Sector 1
Chief M. Abrams Office931Open Office M. Abrams
Storage 07 Door725Open Central Processing
Level 3 Access Door463Open Central Processing
CPU Lab A Door Access627Open Main Entrance Hall

“Resurrection of Evil” Doom 3 Locker Codes:

Locker NumberCodeDescription
028516Open Locker
029516Open Locker
105769Open Locker
407937Open Locker
408937Open Locker
034134Open Locker
035134Open Locker
042714Open Locker
009492Open Locker
116634Open Locker
117634Open Locker

“The Lost Mission” Doom 3 Locker Codes:

Locker NumberCodeDescription
054631Open Locker
108847Open Locker
104579Open Locker
965428Open Locker
071532Open Locker
805372Open Locker
806372Open Locker

How To Use Doom 3 Cheats?

To use cheat codes in “Doom 3”, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Press and hold the Ctrl, Alt, and ~ keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
  2. The developer console should appear.
  3. Type the desired cheat code to claim your reward.

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