Eastward: Unleashing the Thrill Ride

Embark on an electrifying odyssey into the heart-pounding universe of Eastward – where the population dwindles, and the plot thickens! Join the adrenaline-fueled escapade of John and Sam as they navigate a society on the brink of collapse.

Encounter enchanting towns, bizarre creatures, and befriend odder companions! Armed not just with a measly frying pan but also mystical powers, navigate through a treacherous terrain devoured by a deadly miasma.

Dive into the Indie Action-RPG Madness, a Rollercoaster of Originality.


A Display of Cleverness, Vibrancy, and Unapologetic Originality – A Certified Contender for the Year’s Best Games.



Board the hype train on a journey across a decaying continent, making pit stops to explore vibrant cities, curious campsites, and spine-chilling forests.

Confront monsters and badass bosses, armed with John’s weapon of choice—whether it’s a flamethrower or the trusty ol’ frying pan. Opt for mercy by stunning foes with Sam’s kinetic blast, unleashing chaos in style.

Switch seamlessly between John and Sam to crack environmental puzzles and brawl in dungeons. Split up to unveil hidden paths or stay united as you tear through insane landscapes.

Immerse yourself in a story-driven adventure, encountering a cast of characters with personalities bigger than life. Revel in a narrative loaded with fun, mystery, and downright insane humor.

Engage in al fresco dining, whipping up mouth-watering cuisine from (mostly) fresh ingredients sourced from toxic forests, infested mines, and abandoned malls. Each dish packs health bonuses, power boosts, and secret boons, adding fuel to your adventure.

Images source: Eastward (eastwardgame.com)


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A man of action and few words, a miner with a knack for explosives. His combat skills are your ticket to unleashing mayhem on the creatures of Eastward.


Discovered by John in mysterious circumstances, Sam wields special kinetic powers, a badass with a big heart and a cheeky personality that will keep you on the edge.


New Dam City’s princess and tech genius, ditching luxury for a life of inventing to save the day. Lively, smart, and adored by all, she’s a force to be reckoned with.


A punky-looking kid rumored to be a ‘Destroyer,’ his strength and threat escalate, turning the journey into a battle for survival.

A Glimpse into the Insane Future:

In the near-future, society hurtles toward destruction. An unknown toxic presence poisons the air, driving survivors underground. Amid forgetfulness, a miner and a mysterious girl yearn for the chaos above.

Escape the subterranean monotony and join Eastward’s badass duo on a no-holds-barred adventure to the surface! Travel by the hype train, uncover Sam’s powers, and unveil the truth behind the deadly miasma.

Eastward, a meticulously crafted and insane adventure by Shanghai-based indie mad scientists, Pixpil. Now available on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. Get ready for the gaming revolution!

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