Elden Ring Crumbling Farum Azula Walkthrough

If you’re looking for help with How to Complete Crumbling Farum Azula Elden Ring, then follow these easy steps to complete everything you need to know. Our comprehensive Elden Ring Crumbling walkthrough is simple to follow and will help you get started right away.

With these tips, you can explore the area and defeat the bosses. So, follow this Elden Ring Crumbling Farum Azula guide and make your way to the end of Elden Ring Crumbling.

Elden Ring Crumbling Farum Azula 

In this walkthrough, we’re continuing the Elden Ring Mountaintops of the Giants. Once the cutscene finishes with your character and Melina in the Mountaintops of the Giants, you’ll be taken straight to Crumbling Farum Azula. It’s a location that’s very high up in the sky and surrounded by whirlwinds. 

When you begin, move to the end of the ledge on which you’re standing. Then, turn towards your right side. You’ll notice a few ledges beneath you, so carefully jump on them and keep going until you reach the balcony.

Elden Ring Crumbling

If you go left on the path, you’ll see a very long hallway that looks like a temple. Inside, you’ll find a bunch of Beastmen from Farum Azula

Remember that big, tough monster you fought as a boss in Limgrave?

But, now there are many of them, and they want to attack you all together. It will be easier for you if you can trick them into focusing on one at a time. Otherwise, it will be a very tough fight.

Elden Ring Crumbling

Moving on, you’ll reach a checkpoint called the Site of Grace, which is located on your left in the hallway. There are two torches on the wall that will help you identify it. After that, keep going ahead and jump on top of some old ruins. 

After some time, you will see a dragon. Now, you have the option to either battle with it or continue on your way. Eventually, you’ll come across two open doorways that lead to another Site of Grace where you can take a rest if you need it. 

Afterward, you will be in a room that has many graves and two Beastmen. One Beastmen is walking and the other is sleeping. You can choose to either kill them or try to sneak by them without being noticed. 

Once you’re past them, you’ll see some stairs that lead to the main hall. And there you will encounter more Beastmen than ever before.

Elden Ring Crumbling

Now, you need to get rid of Beastmen. Afterward, make your way through the large room to reach the next Site of Grace. You can see where you need to go next from that point. There you may need to do some light platforming and even face a dragon.

Elden Ring Crumbling

Moreover, reach the greenish platform with skeletons on it. These skeletons are armed with spears, so you need to fight and defeat them. Make sure to attack them multiple times to ensure that they don’t stand again to attack you. 

After defeating them, head towards the dragon’s direction, using the rubble to plan your moves. Be careful because the dragon will breathe fire at you, but it’s easy to avoid. Once you reach the other end of this level, you’ll find another Site of Grace. You can reach it by jumping across more rubble.

Boss fight against Godskin Duo

When you enter a building, be ready to face some strong enemies who carry the Ashes of War. These enemies are tough, so it’s important to keep your health intact for the upcoming battles. 

Elden Ring Crumbling

Once you defeat the first then go down the stairs and turn right to find another set of stairs. After that, you’ll encounter a boss fight against the Godskin Duo.

Exploring Elden Ring Crumbling

After you defeat the Godskin Duo, head to the new Site of Grace and find the doorway to your left. You can easily spot it because it’s where the big dragon’s head on the ceiling is pointing. Once you’re there, this will give you a clear view of the entire path ahead.

Elden Ring Crumbling

To get to the next area, you need to be careful and avoid the two dangerous Beastmen. Go to the left side of the ledge and watch out for the one who throws sharp boomerangs and the other who attacks directly. 

Move down the stairs and go through the open windows on your left, but be aware of the dog eating bones. You don’t need to jump too far because you may fall off and die.

Instead, carefully drop down and run around the room’s edges. Eventually, you’ll see some rubble that you can use to cross over to the next path. Once you’ve made it across, you’ll see a dragon statue.

As you walk down the hallway, you need to make sure to look out for a door located on your right-hand side. Once you find it, go through and carefully walk across the floating building pieces to the other side. 

After walking across them, you don’t need to go up the staircase you saw before. Instead of doing this, take the left passage to get to the other side of the structure. Moreover, you’ll know you’re in the right spot if you see a dragon and a knight standing together.

Here’s some advice for you. Instead of facing the knight head-on, head to the back right corner and drop down to a ledge where you’ll find a Site of Grace. From there, you need to run along the rooftops. 

But, be careful to avoid a group of pesky birds, and dodge red lightning from a dragon ahead. Once you reach the dragon, it will disappear, and you can search the ruins to your left to find a Golden Seed

Afterward, grab them and go to the opposite end of the rocky area where the dragon was standing. You can identify the correct path as it is illuminated with glowing embers.

When you’re exploring the area, there might be some obstacles that could be dangerous for you. You could encounter some Beastmen that you need to defeat, followed by a piece of white rubble that you have to cross carefully. 

But, be careful of the Beastman on the other side, who will throw sharp boomerangs at you. Once you enter the small room ahead, you’ll find another group of Beastmen. 

It’s better to fight with them outside and kill them one by one. Another piece of advice for you, is you don’t need to fight them all at once because in this way you can not defeat them.

Once you defeat all of them, there’s a secret path for you in the back right corner. This path leads to a lift that will take you to a Site of Grace. Once you’re there, go up the damaged staircase outside and you’ll be on your way to the main arena. 

However, you need to be careful of the Tree Sentinel at the top. But if you manage to dodge it, just go through the fog door and continue your way to Beast Clergyman.

Boss fight against Clergyman and Maliketh, the Black Blade

Are you ready to face one of the toughest enemies, Beast Clergyman?

It is going to be a difficult fight. After you have imposed significant damage, it transforms into its ultimate form, Maliketh, the Black Blade

This tough enemy will put your skills to the test, and once you defeat them, Elden Ring will take you back to the Leyndell, Royal Capital. Lastly, the appearance of the city might look different than before.

Following is the information about Elden Ring crumbling lands.

Crumbling Lands Elden Ring: The Four Belfries

To access the Pearldrake Talisman in the Elden Ring, you will need an Imbued Sword Key which can be found in a chest near the Site of Grace in the Four Belfries area. 

Once you have the key, activate the Elden Ring Crumbling Lands portal in the Four Belfries and you will be taken to a small section of the Crumbling Farum Azula. This is the only way to obtain the Pearldrake Talisman. You won’t be able to explore the rest of the map and can only fast-travel back from this section.

Crumbling Azula Elden Ring: Conclusion

In conclusion, reaching the Crumbling Farum Azula Elden Ring is a big challenge. It guides you through the different challenges you will face, including fighting the Beastmen, dragons, and the Godskin Duo boss fight. Make sure to avoid dangerous Beastmen, dodge red lightning, and use the rubble to plan your moves.

With these tips, you can explore the area and defeat the bosses. So, follow this Elden Ring Crumbling Farum Azula guide and make your way to the end of Elden Ring Crumbling.

It’s a complete walkthrough on How to Complete Elden Ring Crumbling and defeating powerful bosses to uncover its secrets.

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