Elden Ring Gameplay Review | Is it any good?

Elden Ring is one of the most played and loved action role-playing video games. After being in development for years, it is now out by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment. And those fans who have been eagerly awaiting its release are going crazy over it, including me and that’s why I’m here with a detailed Elden Ring Gameplay Review.

When Bandai announced Elden Ring, the buzz started building, with fans dying to learn more about the game’s story, what characters they will be able to play with, and what would gameplay be like. But kudos to game publishers they never gave a single hint and didn’t spoil the fun.

Elden Ring Gameplay Review
Image Courtesy: svg.com | Elden Ring Mech Suit

And if you still haven’t played this masterpiece of a video game, I’m here to help you make that decision. Today, we’ll take a deep dive into Elden Ring’s gameplay and see what it has to offer.

Elden Ring Release Date and Trailer

Elden Ring’s release date was originally set for January 21, 2022, but was later pushed back to February 25, 2022. The game is at last now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The game’s first official trailer was released in June 2019 with its announcement. And it gave fans a glimpse into the game’s world, characters, and story. Since then, many trailers and gameplay demos have been released, each one building up the hype for the release.

Elden Ring Gameplay Review
Image Courtesy: Gamesindustry.biz | Elden Ring Trailer

Elden Ring Gameplay and Story

Elden Ring’s story is shrouded in mystery, but what we do know is that it takes place in a dark fantasy world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of the Soulsborne series.

The game features an open world that players can explore at their leisure, with the freedom to tackle challenges in any order they choose. The game’s combat system is similar to the Soulsborne series, with a heavy emphasis on precise timing and strategic thinking. Players will have to study their opponents’ moves and weaknesses to defeat them.

Though there are many things you can do in Elden Ring, the feature that I found very unique is the ability to summon spirits to aid you in combat. These spirits are called “Spirits of the Elden Ring,” and they can be found throughout the world.

Each spirit has its own unique abilities and can be customized to suit your playstyle. Players can also forge alliances with NPCs, who will offer their services in exchange for favors.

Elden Ring Gameplay Review
Image Courtesy: PC Invasion | Elden Ring Graphics

Elden Ring Weapons and Armor

Elden Ring features a vast array of weapons and armor, each with its own unique stats and abilities. Players can customize their character’s equipment to suit their playstyle, whether they prefer a heavy, slow-moving warrior or a quick, agile assassin.

Another surprising thing you can do in Elden Ring is spells. Yes, you can actually cast a spell on someone (sorry NPCs). But the major use of spells is in a battle where they can be used to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Elden Ring Gameplay Review
Image Courtesy: CNET | Elden Ring Weapons

Elden Ring PC Gameplay Review

The PC version of Elden Ring is highly anticipated, and many gamers are eager to see how it compares to the console versions. FromSoftware, the Elden Ring developers, promised that the game will run smoothly on PC as they’ve optimized it for the platform. They also said that it features improved graphics and faster loading times.

The game will also be fully customizable, with support for ultra-wide monitors and other PC-specific features.

Elden Ring Gameplay Review
Elden Ring Gameplay Review

Elden Ring for PC Review

Elden Ring is available on PC, and the game’s developers promised that it will run smoothly on the platform.

And as a “PC Guy,” I like my games with a bit of keyboard use and an actual mouse. So, that I can control the character better and whoop some spirits in the game of course.

Elden Ring Gameplay Review PS4

Elden Ring is also coming to the PS4, and players can expect a great experience on this platform as well. While the PS4 doesn’t offer the same graphical fidelity as the PC or next-gen consoles, Elden Ring will still look great and play smoothly on the PS4. If you don’t have a powerful gaming PC or a next-gen console, the PS4 version of Elden Ring is still a great option.

Elden Ring Gameplay Review PS5

For PS5 gamers, Elden Ring promises to be an incredible experience. The game will take full advantage of the PS5’s hardware, offering stunning visuals and lightning-fast load times. PS5 gamers can expect to play the game at a higher resolution and with improved graphics compared to the PS4 version.

Elden Ring Gameplay Review PS5 vs PC

For gamers who are lucky enough to own both a PS5 and a gaming PC, the question of which platform to play Elden Ring on is a tough one. If you ask me, I’d say play on both. Every Elden Ring version I’ve tried till now offers this unbelievable experience that I just can’t summarize in words. But the PC version will likely offer higher frame rates and better graphics than the PS5 version. (I mean come on)

In the end, it’s your personal choice if you wanna go with a handy dandy controller or if you want some real control over your movements in the game (sorry for the bias).

But it does come down to personal preference and hardware availability.

Elden Ring Gameplay Review
Image Courtesy: Shacknews| Elden Ring Gameplay


Till now, Elden Ring is shaping up to be an incredible masterpiece for gamers to enjoy and praise. With great visuals, smoother action, and an immersive world to explore.

From the game’s vast open world to its unique weapons and powerful magic spells, there’s a lot to love about Elden Ring. Whether you’re a PC gamer or a console gamer, Elden Ring promises to be an experience like no other.

So if you have not yet tried some spooky stuff already, get ready, put your gaming knickers on, and start your “spiritual” adventure in the world of Elden Ring.

Here’s the list of Elden Ring Walkthroughs for you to play one of the hardest games with ease:

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