Elden Ring Miquella Haligtree: How to Use the Grand Lift of Rold

If you’re looking for help with How to Reach Miquella Haligtree Using the Grand Lift of Rold Elden Ring, then follow these easy steps to know where is Elden Ring Miquella located. Our comprehensive Elden Ring walkthrough is simple to follow and will help you get started right away.

Location: Elden Ring Miquella Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left)

To search for the left half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, you can find it at the top of Castle Sol, located in the northern part of the Mountaintops of the Giants

But before you can get it, you need to defeat Commander Niall and climb the stone steps to the final building in the area. Inside, take the lift up to the top and follow the staircase to a platform where you’ll find a Ghost. There you will get it.

Elden Ring Miquella

The Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) is a special item in the Elden Ring that unlocks a secret path when used to operate the Grand Lift of Rold. This item, along with other key items, can be found in certain locations or given by NPCs to help players unlock new areas or complete quests.

Elden Ring Miquella

The Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) is your key to accessing the mysterious Consecrated Snowfield. But, you need both halves of the medallion to use it. The left half can operate the Grand Lift of Rold at the bottom. And the right half is needed to complete it. 

To activate it, switch from “Hoist Medallion” to “Hoist Secret Medallion” at the bottom of the lift. Moreover, keep in mind that it won’t work if you try to use it at the top.

Location: Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) Elden Ring

To get the right half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, head to the Village of the Albinaurics in the southwestern part of Liurnia of the Lakes. The easiest way to get there is to fast travel to the Laskyar Ruins Site of Grace and then go west while keeping the cliffs on your left. 

Elden Ring Miquella

When you start to see gaps in the cliff edge, ride through them until you spot some corpses hanging off wooden poles. 

Just go up the path where the corpses are located and you’ll reach the Village of the Albinaurics in no time.

As you approach the well, you’ll see a Ghost lurking around it. Move towards the left and spot a trail that leads you up. Once you reach the top, be prepared to battle against your foe. 

Keep going, and you’ll see two buildings, and in the corner, there’s a massive pot. Strike the pot to reveal Albus, who will reward you with the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) once you’ve talked to him enough.

Activate Grand Lift of Rold Elden Ring with Haligtree Secret Medallion

To activate the Grand Lift of Rold Elden Ring, you need to have both pieces of the Haligtree Secret Medallion in your inventory. After getting them, head back to the Grand Lift of Rold and choose Switch Action using the D-pad.

This will enable you to press the Triangle button and lift the Haligtree Secret Medallion. Instead of taking you to the usual place, the Grand Lift of Rold will transport you to the hidden path leading to the Haligtree.

Elden Ring Miquella Location

Now, you have reached the endgame area where the enemies are tough and won’t hesitate to attack you. After that, pass through the cave from where the Grand Lift of Rold left you and you’ll eventually reach the Consecrated Snowfield.

There’s a Ghost waiting to guide you, telling you to follow the light to find Miquella Elden Ring, which will lead you to the Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace. 

Elden Ring Miquella

Now, to find Elden RIng Miquella’s Haligtree, you need to follow the lights on the ground. These lights are not very clear but they will help you reach your final destination. You can also use the map to guide you even though it is not yet complete. 

You will see a marked road on the map, follow that road until you reach your destination. Once you reach the icon, you can pick up the complete map to guide you through your journey. Then move toward the green building in front of you and explore the Ordina, Liturgical Town Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Ordina, Liturgical Town puzzle

Now, to visit Miquella Elden Ring, you need to use a portal that is located in Ordina, Liturgical Town. But unfortunately, the entrance to the portal is locked. However, you can unlock it by solving a puzzle. 

Portal to Elden Ring Miquella Haligtree

After you finish solving the puzzle, make your way to the end of the town. There you will find a brand-new set of stairs that have just opened up. 

Lastly, climb to the very top to find a portal that will transport you to Elden Ring Miquella Haligtree. Fortunately, you found the Miquella Elden Ring location.

Following is the information about Elden Ring Miquella Needle.

Miquella Needle Elden Ring

Completing Millicent’s questline earns you an awesome item called Miquela’s Needle. Basically, it’s only useful if you’re aiming for the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending. If you haven’t encountered the flame, you won’t have any need for this item.

You need to complete Millicent’s story. She is a character in Elden Ring who has Scarlet Rot disease. Gowry gives players a mission to find a cure for Millicent. To accomplish this mission, players will encounter Commander O’Neal.

You will get the Elden Ring Miquella Needle after killing Commander O’Neal. After getting it, you need to take this key item to Gowry for repair. After that, you have a choice to make – either help Millicent by giving her the needle or head directly to where you fought Malenia. 

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