Elden Ring Stormveil Walkthrough: How to Complete Stormveil Castle

Explore the depths of Elden Ring Stormveil with our comprehensive walkthrough. Master the castle’s secrets and conquer the challenges within Stormveil Castle.

Secret Passage into Elden Ring Stormveil Castle

Firstly, we need to find a way through which we can enter the castle. With its giant walls and locked main gate, it might seem impenetrable at first. But fear not, for there’s a hidden passage waiting to be discovered. 

Unlocking the Elden Ring Stormveil Castle’s Secrets

After defeating the dreadful Margit, the Fell Omen, Stormveil Castle finally opens up for exploration. Start by approaching the main gate and interacting with the Site of Grace nearby. 

Unfortunately, the gate won’t move. Next, let’s look for another way in. Now you need to head to the left and find a doorway leading to a friendly NPC. Engage in conversation, and they’ll let you in through a secret passageway hidden along the castle’s side. 

elden ring stormveil

Scaling the Ruined Walls

Furthermore, exit the room and jump onto the crumbling wall to your right. When you land, you’ll find yourself in an area filled with rocks and trees. Follow the middle path to the end, where you’ll find another Site of Grace

However, beware of the flying birds as they have blades attached to their claws and can be tough to kill.

Ascending the Stormveil Castle’s Outer Wall

As you make your way towards Stormveil Castle, you’ll come across a Site of Grace to the right of the main gate. Beyond the site, you’ll see a path leading to rocks that you can climb up and stairways that go higher up the castle’s outer wall.

Climbing up the rocks and following the stairways will eventually bring you to the top of the castle’s outer wall. Furthermore, there you’ll encounter a group of enemies. These enemies can be particularly tricky to deal with, as they can easily push you off the side of the wall if you’re not careful.

elden ring stormveil

To avoid their attack, take your time and approach them cautiously. Consider using ranged attacks to take them out from a safe distance. If you do need to engage them in close combat then be sure to stay aware of your surroundings. And you need to position yourself carefully to avoid getting knocked off the wall.

elden ring stormveil

With patience and skill, you’ll be able to eliminate these enemies and continue your journey through Stormveil Castle. So take your time, stay alert, and be careful as you climb higher and higher towards the castle’s inner sanctum.

Breaching the Stormveil Castle’s Interior

After finding your way inside Stormveil Castle, you’ll need to be extra careful as you make your way up to the top. The only route available to you will lead you to two enemies that you’ll need to kill them. Once they’re out of the way, head up the wooden staircase.

However, be on high alert once you reach the top because there will be another group of enemies waiting for you. These enemies will be armed with Fire Pots, which they’ll throw at the gunpowder in front of you in an attempt to kill you.

elden ring stormveil

To avoid this, you’ll need to use strategy to defeat them. Try baiting them into throwing one Fire Pot at a time, then quickly retreat so that the path is cleared for you to advance. This way, you’ll be able to safely reach the next level of the Elden Ring stormviel castle.

In addition to being cautious of the enemies with Fire Pots, you’ll also need to watch out for any traps or hazards that may be present. 

Rusty Door in Elden Ring Stormveil

As you make your way through Stormveil Castle, you’ll come across a locked door that you’ll need to open to progress further. But first, you’ll need to find the Rusty Key to unlock it.

To locate the key, run towards the enemies blocking your path and defeat them quickly. Then, move towards the direction where the enemy on the upper ledge was positioned. Soon, you’ll notice that you have walked past a door that you can’t open. And, you need to unlock that particular door.

elden ring stormveil

However, be aware that there’s yet another explosive trap that you’ll need to deal with. In addition, trick the enemy in front of you into triggering the explosive powder, then move quickly through the debris on the left side and climb the staircase.

elden ring stormveil

Once you reach the top, you’ll find yourself in an incredibly dark room with a strong enemy guarding the Rusty Key you need. We recommend crouching and hugging the left wall as you enter the room. Position yourself behind the tall knight and use the opportunity to strike him with a backstab to begin the battle.

elden ring stormveil

After you have defeated the knight, you can collect the Rusty Key. Leave the room and drop down to the lower level, and then use the key to unlock the door. It will now allow you to proceed with your mission.

Exciting Adventure in Stormveil Castle

Now climb a ladder that leads to the top of a building. Once we’re up there, we’ll see some structures perched on rocks far away. But don’t worry about those for now. Let’s head to the left and find another staircase to climb.

elden ring stormveil

As we make our way up the stairs, we’ll come across a strong knight with a spear. Don’t be afraid, we can defeat him and take his loot. After that, we’ll climb a wooden staircase that leads to the next level. We only need to go up one floor, as there’s nothing interesting on the top floor.

elden ring stormveil

Now that we’re on the right level, we’ll head left and find our next destination, a Site of Grace. This journey may have been challenging, but the reward will be worth it. 

elden ring stormveil

In this exciting Elden Ring Stormviel Castle adventure, after regaining your health and filling up your Sacred Flask. Now, you must make your way out of the castle through a perilous path along the outer walls. 

Beware of big birds that will attack you with explosive gunpowder barrels. Move quickly along the path, avoiding their attacks, and descend the stairs before traversing the rooftops. 

You’ll come across a tower with a hole in the middle, so be careful not to fall through. Keep moving forward until you reach a ladder that will take you to your next destination. 

elden ring stormveil

Imagine you will take on the role of a knight on patrol. Your mission is to sneak past a weaker enemy holding a lit torch without getting caught. The key to success is to be patient and wait for them to pass by before making your move. 

Once they are out of sight, slide down the ladder and sprint toward your destination. Your journey will take you through a room with a cozy fireplace and a balcony with a grand portrait on its back wall. 

As you enter the room, there’s a knight keeping an eye on things. You have two options here, either engage in a battle with the knight to earn some Runes or take the alternate route. 

And use the wooden staircase to climb the wall and avoid the battle altogether. Regardless of your choice, your ultimate goal is to make your way to the wooden platform outside the room and climb up the ladder at the end. 

elden ring stormveil

Next, it is necessary to move towards the opposite side and descend onto a platform while being cautious of a large hanging giant above you. Once you’re on the other side, head to the right and you’ll find a treasure chest waiting for you. 

Don’t get too excited though because you’ll need to keep pushing left to continue on the main path. 

As you progress in the Elden Ring Stormviel Castle, you’ll eventually come across a large dining hall with a painting in the middle. 

But beware, there’s an enemy with many, many limbs lurking in this area. So it’s best to avoid it for now.

elden ring stormveil

After entering the room with the big painting on the wall, take a left and enter the elevator to create a shortcut back to the previous Site of Grace. Once you’ve regenerated your health and filled your Sacred Flask, head back down and enter the doorway in the back left corner of the room. You’ll be greeted by the main square of Stormveil Castle. But don’t let the beautiful scenery fool you – it’s filled with enemies.

Locating Godrick the Grafted’s Fog Door

You’ve made it to the main square, and the next step is finding the Fog Door for Godrick the Grafted. But wait, there are enemies blocking the way. Don’t worry, we’ve got a plan. 

Take a left turn right away and outsmart the first line of defense by luring them towards you one by one. By doing this, you can easily defeat them. Once you’re done, the Fog Door for Godrick the Grafted is not too far away.

Afterward, the next step is to head toward a castle. You can tell that you’re going in the right direction when you see a bigger enemy sitting down with a dog beside it. Now, move up some stone steps and take a left turn to find a special place called Site of Grace in the next room. 

You can rest there and then take the elevator in the adjacent room to go up. Follow the path and watch out for some dangerous pots on your left. You’ll see another Site of Grace shortly after.

elden ring stormveil

After you have taken enough rest, leave the room and turn your head towards the right side to spot a door covered in mist. This door is known as the Fog Door, and behind it is a character called Godrick the Grafted. 

Be prepared to face him as you step through the door, and make sure you have gathered all the necessary equipment to defeat him.

Final Thoughts on Stormveil Castle

Elden RIng Stormveil Castle is one of the game’s major locations and promises to be an exciting area to explore and unique NPCs to interact with. Players can expect to encounter various NPCs in Stormveil Castle, including the powerful knight, Orstein. 

To navigate the castle effectively, players may want to study the Stormveil Castle map, which can help them avoid traps and find hidden treasures.

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