Empyrion Console Commands Updated 2023

Welcome, brave adventurers, to the magical world of Empyrion Console Commands! 

Unlock the full potential of Empyrion – Galactic Survival with these awe-inspiring cheats and console commands, granting you the ultimate power to explore, conquer, and unveil the secrets of the universe!

Empyrion Console Commands

To access these wondrous abilities, simply hit the ‘~’ key to open the console and paste any of the marvelous commands we’ve provided below:

Empyrion Console Commands – The Ultimate List

ag: Flip the AG display on or off like a light switch

ai: Unleash or tame the wild AI with a single command

aimanager: Summon various AI creatures, like a true space wizard

alliances: Forge or break powerful alliances in the blink of an eye

armor: Suit up with some stylish armor [Moderator]

ban: Banish unworthy players to the outer realms [Moderator]

changemode: Transform a survival game into a creative masterpiece, or vice versa

combiner: Control the mysterious mesh combiner with a simple flick

debugmenu or dm: Pull back the curtain and reveal the secret debug menu [Moderator]

deco: Decorate the terrain with the wave of a wand

defragsavegame: Cleanse your save game and restore its purity

destroy: Obliterate structures and entities [Moderator]

destroyme: A noble end for a worthy hero

detach: Set your local player free, like a bird soaring through the cosmos

di: Reveal hidden debug information

difficulties: Peer into the heart of your current challenge

entity: Command the entities of the universe

ents: Discover all the entities hidden in plain sight

exec: Conjure an executable

faction: Shift factions like a cosmic chameleon [GameMaster]

find: Seek out structures lost in the vastness of space

finishbp or fbp: Complete your blueprint masterpiece in an instant

gameoptions or gopt: Reveal the current game option values

generatemap: Create a 2D map image of your current realm

gents: Uncover the hidden structures of factions [Moderator]

give: Bestow gifts upon players [Moderator]

globaleffects: Unmask the current global effects

godmode or gm: Ascend to godhood

Grass: Command the very grass beneath your feet

help: Summon a list of all console commands

itemmenu or im: Craft wondrous items from the creative menu [GameMaster]

kick: Send misbehaving players to the far reaches of space [GameMaster]

level: Enhance your powers with level, experience, and upgrade points [GameMaster]

list: Catalogue special players in the cosmos [GameMaster]

loadplayfield or lpf: Summon a new playfield to explore

map: Reveal hidden resources and POIs on your map

marker: Create a marker to guide your journey [Moderator]

mergestructs: Merge two structures into one magnificent creation

op: Control offline protection for a local structure

origins: Delve into the history of origins

oxygen: Expose oxygenated areas in mysterious POIs

pda: Execute otherworldly PDA commands

playfield or pf: Refresh your current playfield like a breath of fresh air [Admin]

poimanager: Assume the mantle of the POI Manager [Moderator]

prefabactivate: Power up your blueprint with a single command

prefabinfo: Uncover hidden secrets about your blueprint

regenerate: Restore objects, such as bringing a POI back to life

repair: Mend broken items with ease [Moderator]

replaceblocks: Swap out specified blocks in your chosen structure

resetcore: Empty fuel and oxygen reserves in local structures

sector: Warp to a specific sector like a seasoned space traveler [GameMaster]

sectors: Reveal or hide mysterious playfields [Moderator]

setdevicespublic: Share the gift of technology by setting devices to public

setposition: Manipulate the position of entities at will [GameMaster]

setrole: Appoint players to their destined roles [Admin]

setrotation: Twist and turn structures to your heart’s desire [GameMaster]

si: Bend structural integrity to your will

spawnanyblueprint or sbp: Unleash the power to spawn any blueprint, on or off

stats: Peer into the current playfield’s secrets

statuseffect: Bestow wondrous status effects upon yourself

statuseffectremove: Purge unwanted status effects from your being

structlod: Unveil structures hidden within your current playfield

teleport or tt: Transport yourself across the cosmos

terraineditor or te: Sculpt the very terrain with this powerful editor

ticks: Reveal the ticking of time in your current playfield

time: Master the flow of time across the server [server only]

traders: Discover the merchants of the universe

unban: Show mercy and release players from their banishment [GameMaster]

undock: Free your SV or HV from its earthly tether

uresource: Unearth precious underground resources

weather: Command the weather itself to bend to your will

weathersv: Control the weather on a grand, server-wide scale

wipe: Cleanse targeted aspects with a server reboot

About Empyrion

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Empyrion – Galactic Survival, a 3D open-world space sandbox odyssey.

Craft formidable ships, awe-inspiring space stations, and sprawling planetary settlements to explore, conquer, or exploit a plethora of unique planets. Unravel the enigmas of Empyrion and uncover the treasures hidden among the stars!

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