Endless Space 2 Console Commands (Cheats)

Immerse yourself in the expansive universe of Endless Space 2, a thrilling turn-based science fiction adventure that made its global debut in 2017.

This is the second chapter of a riveting series that whisks you away to an enigmatic world. As a commanding leader, you are tasked with the care of your citizens and the unraveling of ancient race secrets.

Armed with the tools to design and customize your spaceship, you prepare for gripping battles against formidable foes. The game’s multiplayer mode pits you against seven other players, and conquering them grants you lavish rewards. Hone your heroes into adept fleet admirals and lay the foundation for your own magnificent star empire. For gaming convenience, Endless Space 2 can be played on both Windows and Mac OS.

Below is a user-friendly table that guides you on how to utilize console commands and cheats in Endless Space 2.

endless space 2

Endless Space 2 Console Commands

G KeyUse this cheat code to activate the omnipotent God Cursor, granting you access to a variety of resources.
Shift+F1Depress this key to pull up the all-encompassing debug menu.
Shift+F2This cheat code opens the door to the resource list.
Shift+F3Employ this key to unveil the entire map.

To harness these console commands and cheats in Endless Space 2, follow the straightforward steps below:

  1. Navigate to your steam library and right-click on the game before selecting the properties tab.
  2. Move over to the General tab found within the properties.
  3. Input “-enablemoddingtools” into the game’s launch option.
  4. Congratulations! You have now unlocked debug features.
  5. Finally, launch the game and enjoy your newfound ability to utilize the console commands.

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