F1 Wheels on Any Car | GTA 5 Glitches

If you play GTA 5 then you know that the game is filled with all kinds of exciting GTA 5 glitches and tricks including GTA 5 money glitches, GTA 5 clothing glitches, and more. 

One of the coolest and easiest glitches to do is the F1 wheels glitch. It allows you to add F1 wheels to any car in the game. GTA 5 glitches can add extra fun and customization to the game.

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Advantage of GTA 5 Glitches to Customize Your Vehicle

This glitch is only available for PC players. If you’re a console user, you’ll still be able to duplicate cars using this glitch. But you won’t be able to merge the F1 wheels. So, if you’re a PC player, make sure to take advantage of these cool GTA 5 glitches.

The first step is to have another vehicle you want to put the F1 wheels on to give a new look to the car. If you already have a car in mind then it is great. But if not, then take your time to select a vehicle that you want to give new wheels. Once you have the vehicle, get into it and drive it to a safe location where you can exit the vehicle.

GTA 5 Glitches

Changing Outfit and Setting Spawn Location

After exiting the car, you need to go to the Style option. You can find the Style option by opening the menu and looking for the option with a clothing hanger icon. Once you are in the Style option, change your outfit to whatever you want. 

Once you have changed your outfit, go back to the workshop. Before you can move forward with the GTA 5 glitch, you need to make sure you have a spawn location set. To set your spawn location, open the menu and select the Online option. From there, select Options and then set your spawn location to whichever location you prefer.

With your spawn location set, you can now get into your F1 vehicle. Once you are in the F1, you need to enter the body shop. Now, you need to press the d-pad or q button, depending on the platform you are playing on.

GTA 5 Glitches

Modify the Car for the GTA 5 Glitch

Afterward, alter the Livery to modify the car. Once you have made this change, press the pause button, navigate to the Online section, and select “Find New Session.” 

GTA 5 Glitches

Doing this, you will spawn at the location you had previously chosen. If you spawn outside of the workshop, you will need to make your way back to the workshop. 

Next, navigate to the Menu and select the Vehicles option, and select “Return Personal Vehicle to Storage.”

GTA 5 Glitches

Duplicating Vehicles in GTA 5 Glitches

Your secondary F1 vehicle will be available in this location. In case you’re playing GTA 5 on a console then you will be able to create a copy of your car by following these steps, regardless of which car you want to duplicate. 

Similarly, if you’re playing the game on a PC, you can follow the same steps to make a duplicate of your car. 

GTA 5 Glitches

Additionally, if you wish to perform the merge glitch, you must enter the spawned car and repeatedly press the Q key to modify the vehicle. After that, you can leave the workshop with your vehicle.

GTA 5 Glitches

Customizing Vehicle Wheels and Rims at Los Santos Custom

Now, go to Los Santos Custom where you have the option to customize your vehicle’s wheels and rims according to your choice. Select the Wheels option and make any desired changes such as changing the color of the rims, selecting different tire designs, and adding bulletproof tires. You can also change the color of tire smoke. 

Once you have completed the modifications, navigate to the Menu and choose the Vehicles option. From there, click on the Creator option.

Equipping F1 Wheels in a Private Session

To start a private session, navigate to the Online section and select the Play GTA Online option. From there, choose the Invite Only Section

Next, locate the vehicle you parked outside of the workshop earlier and you can see that it is equipped with F1 wheels.

Conclusion of GTA 5 Glitches

Aside from GTA 5 car duplication glitches, there are also many GTA 5 glitches and tricks which include GTA 5 money glitches and GTA 5 clothing glitches. 

In addition, you can also try out some new outfits to get a new look with GTA 5 clothing glitches. And GTA 5 money glitches help you to earn extra cash quickly to buy whatever you want in the game.

These GTA 5 glitches can be a fun way to express your creativity or show off your style in the game.

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