Fastest way to unlock all Brawlhalla characters

If you’re looking for How to unlock Brawlhalla characters, you’re at the right place. Our guide on “Brawlhalla How to Unlock Characters” is here to help you out. This guide is perfect for Brawlhalla fans who want to unlock their favorite characters as quickly as possible. 

You will learn the fastest and most efficient ways to earn coins, so you can unlock characters you like. 

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Follow a few easy steps from this Brawlhalla unlock all Characters Guide to unlock them and enjoy your favorite game.

How to Unlock Brawlhalla Characters? – Tips and Tricks

Unlocking characters in Brawlhalla is easy. Each character has a unique price. You’ll need to pay more or less depending on the character.

Brawlhalla characters

How to Unlock Brawlhalla characters? – Fastest Ways to Earn Coins

The following are the fastest ways to earn coins to unlock your favorite characters.

Earn Coins by Winning Matches

First, Create Room and select your favorite character. Go to Settings, then adjust the maximum values for the Match Time, Damage, and Lives. 

The image below shows you the settings that you need to make.

If you’re able to win the matches, you will receive a lot of coins. These coins can be used to buy your favorite characters. 

These Legends can be very powerful and can help win tough matches. 

To win the match, add a Bot with Easy difficulty.

To play with the best characters in the game you need to put some effort in to win the matches and receive rewards.

Unlock all Brawlhalla characters: Participating in Brawl of the Week for Coin Rewards

To earn coins easily in Brawlhalla, there are a few other methods you can try. 

One such method is participating in Brawl of the Week. By winning just one game, you can earn 300 coins. 

It’s a fun and easy way to get some extra coins to unlock characters. 

Earning coins through Daily Missions 

Another way to earn coins in the game is by completing “Daily Missions”. These missions are available every day and can give you a lot of coins as a reward. 

By doing them regularly, you can earn enough coins and use them to buy items and unlock characters in the game.

Brawlhalla How to Unlock Characters – Conclusion

We have provided you with tips and tricks to help you on “How to Unlock Brawlhalla Characters” to unlock your favorite characters.

In conclusion, unlocking your favorite characters in Brawlhalla can be a simple process. Following the tips and tricks mentioned above will help you earn coins quickly, so you can buy the characters you like. 

Earn coins quickly by Winning Matches, participating in Brawl of the Week, and completing “Daily Missions”. Enjoy unlocking legends in the exciting world of Brawlhalla.

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